10 Blerds on TikTok You Should Follow: January 2024

 10 Blerds on TikTok You Should Follow: January 2024

The Blerd community is at it again. Taking over yet another platform and letting everyone know that being a Blerd is where it’s at. We all know how popular TikTok is, and depending on the videos you like, you could get stuck on the okay side of TikTok. But there is, of course, the blerd side of TikTok and to get you there, I’ve got some Blerds on TikTok you should follow. Their content is amazingly creative, informative and just down right dope, so here are  10 Blerds on TikTok You Should Follow!

 10 Blerds on TikTok You Should Follow

Vegeta’s PinkShirt(@zaddyzoldyk)

Starting the list off strong with one of the best Tik Tok usernames ever. Our blerd tik toker here refers to herself as Jollie Goodshow. Her anime takes, casual cosplays and makeup looks, responses to criticism about her anime takes are what make her account one of the best to follow. She’s genuine and elegant and she is incredibly knowledgeable. 

You get a sense of her personality in her pinned videos and then you enter the rabbit hole that is her mind later on in several other videos. Her latest casual cosplay is Choso from Jujutsu Kaisen which she executed masterfully. And she does have more to come which we can’t wait to see. As the first of the blerds on Tik Tok you should follow, I implore you not to miss out on some great content. 


This next Tik Tok account is hard to miss. When it comes to extremely creative content, this is where you get it. T’Jhalla is a very talented and fun dancer which he proves in different videos starting with his first couple of pinned videos which he combines with his sense of humor. 

He advocates for safe blerd spaces and has his own podcast called The Blerd Alliance University and is one of the few creators who have no problem being completely transparent. He was also chosen by LA Comic Con this past December to run their Instagram page! 

On his Tik Tok you get everything from Marvel characters out at the cookout, to Disney retellings as well as some Harry Potter content mixed with some Twilight. Without a doubt he is a blerd on Tik Tok you should follow and I can assure you, you won’t regret it. 


Speaking of not getting what is deserved, this Tik Tok account is one of the best to follow when it comes to black women in comics, anime, cartoons and other media. Z has built her platform on pointing out the wrong things to do when it comes to creating black female characters and what could be done to make these characters amazing. 

Her series about black women in anime is probably one of my favorites because we can see the evolution of some of these characters and can compare them to how black women are portrayed elsewhere. She talks about tired tropes, stereotypes when it comes to black characters in general and gives her own personal advice on how these can be improved. If you’re looking for blerd education and elevation especially as it pertains to the black woman, Z is your best bet! 

Princess Sachiko(@sachi_hime96)


Tighnari trying to Rizz you up😂❤️Did it work?👀 #princesssachiko #relatableanime #tighnaricosplay

♬ Hedemo Ne Yo – ⭐️

We are here at our first verified Blerd Tik Tok account you should follow if you aren’t already. She has a whopping 18.4 MILLION followers. In my most humble opinion, she is QUEEN of two things, the walking illusion and cosplay. If you’ve never seen her cosplays I highly recommend following her account. 

While her cosplays are always accurate she does tend to put her own little spin on them. She’s able to capture the way they walk, how they would talk and their personality in how they act in general as well as with other characters. She’s also a gamer! Her account is one of those you go to when you need some cosplay inspiration or how anime themed trends should look. If you don’t already follow the Princess, go ahead and do so! 


This next Blerd Tik Tok account is one of my personal favorites. This is definitely a cosplay account as well and if she isn’t one of the future queens of cosplay I don’t know who is! Chaiho is extremely creative and she’s funny. Have you ever liked a character, whether it was from a movie, cartoon, anime or comic; but never knew how much you really liked them until someone cosplayed as them?

That is how Chaiho makes me feel when it comes to characters like Persephone from Lore Olympus and Tengen from Demon Slayer. She cosplayed them and other characters like Nanami from Jujutsu Kaisen so effortlessly and then created some fun videos based on their personalities to kind of showcase how they would be in different situations and they all just came out so great. She is most certainly one to follow if you aren’t already doing so. 


Imagine wanting to find a blerd on Tik Tok but thinking you had to choose between a blerd that cosplays or a blerd that was hilarious. Well if you follow Meelerzz, there is no need to choose because she is and does both of those things. 

She has some amazing cosplays from Annie as the Female Titan from Attack on Titan to Toga from My Hero Academia and everything in between. If you’ve never seen someone cosplay as Tony the Tiger, you can now! Meelerzz is definitely a blerd on Tik Tok you should follow, there’s literally no reason to avoid doing it. Her account is just too much fun. 

Nicque Marina(@nicquemarina) 


There are probably definitely more, this might need a part 2 😂😂🤡🤡 #anime

♬ original sound – Nicque Marina

Next up, we have another big account. She is an actor, a singer and she is a huge blerd. Nicque has advocated for blerd spaces for a while now. Not only is she entertaining and creative with her posts, it’s very obvious that she really does know her stuff! She has some great jokes and at one point even stood up for The Mighty Z when she was essentially being attacked for her opinion on a comic book series by the author of that series. 

Nicque is incredibly genuine and her page is just refreshing and fun. If nothing else, her account is where you go when you need a break or a pick me up! She has definitely tuned into the MCU shows, she has watched some great anime and her commentary is simply top tier. 100% this is a blerd on Tik Tok you should follow. Her content makes it all worth it! 


Have you ever heard of the Black He-Man? Well you’re about to. Demetrius Holt aka THE HE-MAN has one of the best blerd Tik Tok accounts and you should definitely be following. While he still does his cosplays, he does also cosplay with his son which is one of the most adorable things I’ve ever had grace my For You page. He is also the Strategic Partner/Producer for Blerd Station as well as the founder of Blerd and Powerful. 

He produced an award winning documentary, the subject being Juneteenth and African Deities! His work, Blerd and Powerful is committed to boosting up fellow blerds and getting them in the right mindset as well as helping to grow black owned comic conventions. His page is definitely one of my favorites and he is one of the most talented blerds I’ve met in my lifetime. Absolutely he should be followed, no ifs, ands or buts. If ever there was a blerd safespace, his account is definitely it. 


Low maintenance blerds are some of the best blerds to be around. If you follow this Tik Tok account that is exactly what you’re going to get. Nelcinema is currently teaching himself how to do 3D work and his work is very relaxing and minimal. Even with some of them being very simple works of art, you can see the complexity in his work and his current obsession with liminal space art as well as analog is very apparent in each post. 

10 Blerds on TikTok You Should Follow

Sometimes you just need a break from the blerd chaos and zone out and this is the account where you can do that. His work is much different from everyone else mentioned above but I think that’s what makes his account so great is because being different in the blerd community is always more than amazing. It’s just a matter of how do you do different? Or what kind of different are you? This is a blerd Tik Tok you should follow when you are willing to be different. 


Last but certainly not least we have the queen of blerd comedy. Blvck Wolf is hilarious in every post every single day and twice on Tuesdays. She is a Navy vet and an amazing cosplayer. She is also one that does things differently. She uses her life as a flight attendant to make you all laugh and to make you laugh even harder she just acts like her normal self dressed in different cosplays. The funniest one being her Grinch cosplay. 

She’s also cosplayed as The Mask but more specifically from the scene where he was dressed like he was in a mariachi band. She also spends a lot of her free time cosplaying at the Disney theme parks and she just keeps people on her page and in her life completely entertained. Give her a follow and enjoy all of the laughter. 

Dr. Kaori Knight(@kaoriakari) 

Okay I lied a little. Here’s a bonus! It’s me!! I won’t gush over myself but I will say if you are someone who loves comic books and you want more information on black comic book characters or just comic book characters in general, I have that information in spades. 

I spent a lot of time compiling a list of all the black comic book characters I could find across all of the comic book universes and I make videos about them regularly. I’m also a lover of anime and I will tell an anime joke so fast! If you decide to follow me, welcome to the Doctor’s Office! 

10 Blerds on TikTok You Should Follow 1

Hopefully you give all of these accounts a follow because they definitely deserve it. They have worked hard and perfected their craft. They have shown the blerd world that this is where they deserve to be and the support from the blerd community would go a long way! 

Dr. K the Anime Bae 

@KaoriAkari (Tik Tok)
@Witchblade22 (IG)

Kaori Akari Nelson (FB)

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