10 Of The Best Adult Video Games

10 Of The Best Adult Video Games

The Last of Us has finally premiered on HBO and is one of my favorite gaming series of all time, which prompted me to write this article. As a new dad and adult gamer, I do not have quite as much time to hone my skills in the latest FPS games. Now that I am pivoting to being more of an “adult gamer” and dad, playing adult video games that I can put on pause and pick back up whenever are starting to be more of a staple in my gameplay. While there are a ton of choices available, I’ve put up a list of 10 Of The Best Adult Videogames based on the hundreds that I have played. Most of these are newish titles as many retro games can be difficult to play based on older mechanics or graphics. I also tried to include a bit of variety to cover different interests, but a great story was central to all of these titles.

10 Of The Best Adult Videogames The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

I borrowed The Witcher 3 randomly from my friend Diego and he never got this one back from me. Like The Last Of Us, a television series was also made based on the story of the game. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is a CD Projekt RED action role-playing game that is hailed as one of the greatest ever made. It has a mature plot, intricate characters, and gorgeous graphics. The wide environment of the game enables players to fully immerse themselves in it, and the abundance of side missions and activities ensures that it feels new even after numerous playthroughs.

10 Of The Best Adult Videogames Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2

If you ever stop by my twitch stream, you’ll see my cowboy emote. Red Dead Redemption (and the movie The Harder They Fall – a great movie that you should definitely watch) lets you live out your cowboy dreams. Created by Rockstar Games, Red Dead Redemption is an action-adventure game set in a fictitious version of the American Old West. Arthur Morgan, a member of the Van der Linde gang, is portrayed by players. The game has a gripping narrative, an expansive open environment, and believable characters. One of the most detailed and immersive open-world experiences ever created is this game.

10 Of The Best Adult Videogames Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto V

I feel like we have all been playing GTAV forever at this point. Grand Theft Auto V is an action-adventure game created by Rockstar North that takes place in the fictional city of Los Santos and follows the lives of three thieves as they plot and carry out heists. The game’s wide world, plot, and gameplay have all received high praise. I wouldn’t play this one in front of mom.

10 Of The Best Adult Videogames Bioshock Infinite

Bioshock Infinite

I could have gone with any of the Bioshock Games, but I feel like this one is quicker to pick up and roll with even though I think the first has the best story. Irrational Games’ first-person shooter, Bioshock Infinite, is set in an alternate 1912 in the floating city of Columbia. The game has an amazing art style, a deep narrative, and original gameplay elements. It is regarded as one of the all-time most memorable and thought-provoking adult video games.

10 Of The Best Adult Videogames The Last of Us

The Last of Us

One of my favorite games of all time; I have been extremely pleased with how true the new TV show has been to the game. I originally disagreed with the ending, but now as a girl-dad, I can’t say I wouldn’t make the same decision. The Last of Us is an action-adventure game created by Naughty Dog that takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where a terrible fungus has taken over. A smuggler named Joel, who is entrusted with helping a young girl named Ellie travel the nation in search of a gang of resistance soldiers, is played by players. The plot, characters, and gameplay are all top-notch with multiple newer editions being released because of how epic the game is.

10 Of The Best Adult Videogames Fallout 4

Fallout 4

I debated whether I would put Fallout 4 or Fallout: New Vegas on the list, but honestly, you couldn’t go wrong either way (just avoid Fallout: 76). The ruins of Boston, Massachusetts are the setting for Bethesda Game Studios’ post-apocalyptic role-playing game, Fallout 4. The game has an open environment, a comprehensive crafting system, and an engaging narrative. The Sole Survivor, a person who emerges from a fallout shelter following a nuclear war, is the role that players assume. The game’s wide world, plot, and gameplay have all received accolades.

10 Of The Best Adult Videogames Mass Effect 2

Mass Effect 2

Mass Effect 2 was listed as my favorite as it had much better mechanics and inventory system over the first and the ending of Mass Effect 3 fell a bit flat. Mass Effect 2: This action role-playing game from BioWare is set in a near-future world where humans have learned that extraterrestrial life exists. Players assume control of Commander Shepard, a military commander sent on a mission to defend mankind from the enigmatic Collectors’ threat. The plot, characters, and gameplay have received high reviews.

10 Of The Best Adult Videogames Heavy Rain 1

Heavy Rain

Heavy Rain makes my “10 of the best adult video games” list due to it having such a gripping story compared to most games I have played. In the interactive drama Heavy Rain, created by Quantic Dream, the player takes control of four people as they hunt for the Origami Killer, a serial killer who drowns his victims during times of torrential rain. The plot, characters, and gameplay have received high reviews. I am a bit of a sucker for QTEs (Quick-Time Events) since I played Shenmue as a kid, so it got bonus points from me for that.

10 Of The Best Adult Videogames Horizon Zero Dawn

Horizon Zero Dawn

I had no idea what to expect when I first popped in Horizon Zero Dawn. I bought the game just off of the hype and didn’t watch any trailer or read anything about it. The action role-playing game Horizon Zero Dawn, created by Guerrilla Games, is set in a post-apocalyptic world invaded by robotic beings. Aloy, a skilled hunter and archer, is the character that players assume as she embarks on a quest to learn the truth about her background and the world she lives in. If you take the time to find the power cells the game becomes a lot more fun as you get way more powerful.

10 Of The Best Adult Videogames The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

My list couldn’t end without a Zelda game as it’s one of my favorite franchises of all time. Breath of The Wild is an action-adventure game created by Nintendo, which is set in an open-world setting and casts players as Link, a young man who awakens from a 100-year nap in order to confront Calamity Ganon and save the Kingdom of Hyrule. The game has a non-linear gameplay structure, a dynamic weather system, and a huge selection of tools and weaponry. The exploration, independence, and puzzle-solving aspects of the game are lauded. One of the best pornographic video games ever made, according to many. I was skeptical at first about having such an open-world Zelda game as first but it proved to be one of the best ever created. The speed run and trick-shot clips online are some of the best in gaming history as well.

Some of the games on my “10 Of The Best Adult Video Games” list may not be appropriate for everyone due to their violent content and adult themes. As a result, it’s crucial to consider your own preferences and prudence when deciding whether to play these games. In summary, adult video games provide a distinctive gaming experience that is frequently unavailable in other kinds of games. They offer a more sophisticated plot, intricate characters, and breathtaking graphics. These games can make players feel like they are an essential part in the story in addition to being enjoyable and thought-provoking.

I hope that this list will assist you in locating your next favorite game to play. When selecting to play any of these games, always bear in mind your own preferences and discretion. Let us know what you think of my list on our social media @blerdofficial

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