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20 Definitive Blerd Rap Albums

9. Funcrusher Plus by Company Flow (1997)

Funcrusher Plus
Straight up, for niggas who don't understand,
Obviously this wasn't made for you, so fuck you.  

If Rapgenius and Reddit were around when this dropped, the users would have had a field day dissecting this album. The release of Funcrusher Plus was a water-shed moment for rap, providing “DJs with turntable weapons” for years come.  It is so underground even the recording sounds like it was produced in the dingiest of basements. The grimey boom bap production compliment rappers El-P and Big Juss like a new moon giving wolves more cover on a hunt.

Considering the race-centered nature of this list, we will overlook the fact that half of the rap duo is White (but you’re still a god, El!), and Big Juss’ performance is outstanding. On the opening track, he declares that he has an “uncanny ability to heat seek through brain facilities with the science of microchemistry…”. On “Krazy Kings,” he tells MCs they couldn’t hang if they “were bitten by a radioactive spider.” The features from the “I can’t believe he just said that sh*t material crew” Indelible MCs were stellar with bars like “On the mic I have more presence than attendance in a class of schizophrenics.”

The influence of Dr. Octagonecologyst and Funcrusher Plus cannot be overstated. They helped reinvigorate alternative and underground hip hop at a time when the genre was becoming more commercialized, creating deep fault lines between artists, fans, and industry gatekeepers. — Brendon Spencer

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