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20 Definitive Blerd Rap Albums

14. Food & Liquor by Lupe Fiasco (2006)

Food Liquor 1
They wanna smell like me
They want my bouquet
But they can't
They accented like the UK
Turn that eau de Lupe to
Pepe Le Pew spray
Flagrantly fragrant and they can't escape it
My perfume pursued them everywhere that they went…

Hitting GQ magazine two years before Barack Obama would be elected president, Lupe Fiasco made being a blerd look cool. He wore his geek badge proudly with a Nintendo DS in his orbit on the cover art of his major label debut. Being one of the greatest wordsmiths hip-hop has ever produced, he effortlessly glides over tracks with intricate rhymes on tracks. He gets on his playful kick with songs like “I Gotcha.” Taking a cue from fellow Chicago legend Common, he pens an ode to his love for hip-hop on “Sunshine.” Accompanied by Jill Scott, he busts shots at rap stereotypes on “Daydreamin’.’

While the album does provide much socio-political commentary, the biggest single for this album was “Kick, Push.” Just think: the same year that Nas declared hip-hop deceased, Lupe had us in the club dancing to an anthem about skateboarding. That was pretty revolutionary. Lupe’s presence in rap helped young blerds feel more confident about who they were, and we can see that influence in a lot of newer artists today. — Brendon Spencer

Curator of the BlerdUp Podcast // Blerds out about: Comic Book Movies, Video Games, Hip-Hop, and Politics

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