MF Doom

20 Definitive Blerd Rap Albums

15. Mega Ran by Mega Ran (2007)

Mega Ran
I ain't come this far to leave the mission incomplete
Peeps depending on me, got responsibilities
So his plans ain't going farther man, I put that on my momma
That's why they call me the bomber, couple of dents in the armor
But the doc don’t want no drama, he can can doubt me if he wanna
What goes around comes back, so I play the part of karma, yeah!
Do you really wanna test me man, turn your robots to a Pepsi can
Can he make it happen?/Yes he can
What's my name, It's Mega Ran!

Before Travis Scott was doing Fortnite concerts, there was Raheem Jarbo AKA Mega Ran. He swung for the fences with his sophomore project: a charming, 8-bit tribute to Mega Man. The premise for this project is that Jarbo has a dream that he wakes up as Mega Man – but Black! This imaginative album was so good it landed him a licensing agreement with Capcom and an opportunity to perform at their San Diego Comic-Con booth. The album also got the attention of IGN, Nintendo Power, and more. The prolific Philly native has gone on to release songs and projects about almost every nerdy thing you can think of, from Final Fantasy to Spider-Man to Star Wars. But it all began with this project, inspiring many rappers to express their love for all things nerdy in fresh, creative ways. It also showed the unique kinds of partnerships rappers could make outside of the genre. — Brendon Spencer

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