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20 Definitive Blerd Rap Albums

19. M‘other Brain by Sammus (2012)

MOther Brain
I told you once I’m a fly nerd. Don’t forget it
This semester I’mma grind hard, twenty credits
I’mma give you a reminder. Don’t forget it
I’m a vernacular designer. Now I’mma let it
Sink in, you’re a kid in the adult swim
Go home, be alone like a Culkin
I wouldn’t play, you might get burned like a Bunsen
Spittin flame, from your girl like I’m Dhalsim

Who said this nerd wish is just for the boys? Sammus is a nerdcore titan, and, like Mega Ran, she channeled her inner geek into a video game icon. Using Nintendo’s Samus Aran as her avatar, the Ivy League graduate shares her joys, hopes, advice, and insecurities. She said that she chose Samus because both of them are women in male dominated genres. I’ll add ‘badass women’.

On her debut, she has showcases more diversity than most of the albums on out list. On “Games & Cartoons”, she runs through nerd references like the GZA on “Labels”. On the next joint, “Black Young Pretty,” she talks about clubbing and getting her freak on, long before Meg was making our summers hotter. She manages to squeeze in a Balrog reference on “Pillow Talk,” a cautionary tale to women lusting for the wrong men. Weaponizing her pen like a Chozo arm cannon, she blasts negative stereotypes of Black women on one of the album’s highlights, “A Woman.” On “Nigguhs Ain’t Shit,” she implores her fellow Black people to work towards ending generational trauma.

All this and more from an album that she wrote and produced by herself. Like I said, badass. — Brendon Spencer

Curator of the BlerdUp Podcast // Blerds out about: Comic Book Movies, Video Games, Hip-Hop, and Politics

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