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20 Definitive Blerd Rap Albums

7. Stress: The Extinction Agenda by Organized Konfusion (1994)


The 90s produced arguably the greatest pure rap duo of all time – and it isn’t Outkast. I’m referring to Organized Konfusion, composed of Queens natives Pharoahe Monch and Prince Po. Picking up the sci-fi torch from their Bronx neighbors, Ultramagnetic MCs, they debuted in 1991, demonstrating amazing flows and cadence with songs like “Releasing Hypnotical Gases.”

Although, they only released three albums, their second, boom bap heavy project is their crown jewel. Pushing lyricism to a new level, the flows and wordplay displayed between the two MCs are mind-blowing, switching up styles multiple times in one verse – and it all seems so effortless. There are references to Street Fighter and Optimus Prime. Monch’s bars about chess that flow into theology have to be heard to be believed.

Amidst the lyrical gymnastics and bravado, this album is still has sharp social commentary. The duo voice their frustrations with being poor, living with racism, unemployment, losing loved ones, and more. It climaxes in one of the greatest concept tracks in rap to date: “Stray Bullet”, a haunting song where the two MCs personify stray bullets tearing through a ghetto from a first person perspective.

The duo would later become heavy hitters on the ill-fated Rawkus label, a lightning rod for some of the greatest underground lyricists of the day: Eminem, Mos Def, Talib Kweli, Big L, and more. — Brendon Spencer

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