5 Anime You Wouldn't Watch To Save Your Life

5 Anime You Wouldn’t Watch To Save Your Life

I know as avid anime watchers we have come across some anime where we instantly knew it wasn’t something we were going to be interested in. Whether it was because of the animation or the story didn’t seem interesting after the first episode or even during the first episode. We’ve simply just turned it off. Well here is a little list of some anime that I think fit that category for all of us blerds alike. I’m not usually too picky but man have I come across some anime I and even you wouldn’t watch to save my life, even if it was the only anime on Earth. 


So to start off, I’m not sure if this anime tried to take a cue from Irregular at Magic High School but I don’t think that we as blerds are fans of the whole brother/sister incest dynamic. It’s kind of hard to distinguish between who is blood related in the show and who isn’t. At one point the parents are openly encouraging the extra bond between the siblings because at least one of them is not blood related to the other. 

There are several other disturbing things that occur, according to the research I had to do because I absolutely refuse to even turn it on. But it overall just seemed like a thrown together anime full of incredibly disturbing scenes that didn’t really fit with any kind of story. I wouldn’t recommend it at all and again, I won’t even turn it on. After half of the first episode I was super done. This is definitely an anime you wouldn’t watch to save your life. 


Now, I know a lot of blerds that are into anime, like myself, will look at the animation and determine if that is what is going to not only watch the anime, but stick with it to the end. Ex-Arm is not in the category of anime with good animation that keeps anyone for anything. You can tell by the trailer of the anime that the animation is a mix of regular 2D anime and then the 3D-ish animation kind of like RWBY. 

But what makes this an anime you wouldn’t watch to save your life? The fact that it seems that the animators were not in the room. Not in the same room, same building, same country, or even on the same planet. It is as if the animators all worked on the same scene and didn’t speak to each other during the entire process. It is so difficult to decipher the story because the cross animation is just so bad. And it just becomes a headache to try and process. I’ve yet to come across an accurate synopsis from people who have given it a try. It’s definitely not a watch. For anyone. 


Looking at the premise for this particular anime, you would think it sounded a little interesting. Essentially, there is a disease I believe it’s called Gibia, and it has infected the world and it turns everyone into monsters. Sound familiar? I’ll continue. In this world there is a ninja and a samurai who have time traveled so that they could stop it from continuing on. Not too sure if they are traveling back in time or forward. 

However, the reason it is on this list is not just because the animation was done in Hell. But more so the nature of the story. Not only is there a disease that is turning everyone into monsters but they are turned into monsters based on their race and ethnicity. NANI?! Like I beg your biggest pardon?? Absolutely not. And as the series continues on, based on the reviews I’ve seen it just gets even more tone deaf which is absolutely baffling to me. But that is why it’s here and definitely an anime you wouldn’t AND SHOULDN’T watch to save your life. 

Ninja Collection

I think one of the best things in anime is the showcasing of ninjas. We as blerds have had some good experience with ninja in the form of Naruto. Especially when they brought in an entire village of black ninja who turned out to be pretty badass. There haven’t been a shortage of ninja based anime either, Hell’s Paradise gave us an incredible ninja assassin as a main character. So you would think a show called Ninja Collection would showcase some interesting and fun ninja characters. Unfortunately, it does not. 

The premise for this is that in a world where dreams and desires basically come true there are a group of ninjas that are there to stop the threat of darkness to keep those dreams and desires afloat. However, it is rather odd to have a ninja anime, with no ninja in it. From the very beginning, which includes the title, it is very misleading. It was like they were trying to pull a Happy Sugar Life okie doke, but did it very wrong and it came out really bad. On top of that, according to those who had the misfortune of watching it, the animation is really horrid and the plot as described is almost non-existent as every episode has a fight scene with no context and no addition to the story. So all in all it sounds like a trainwreck and definitely an anime you wouldn’t watch to save your life. 

Super Kid

The GUFFAW I let out at this last one is absurd but 100% necessary I can guarantee it. Now, we may not all be fans of Dragon Ball/DBZ/DBS but we’ve at least heard of it if not watched it most of our lives. It was incredibly popular growing up and continues the attempt to stay relevant with new seasons and movies. But back in 1994 there was a rip off of Dragon Ball and it was this. Super Kid. And when I say bad, I mean absolutely tragic. What makes it even more weird is that the main character Gokdari(please I’m trying not to cry laughing as I write this), looks just like Goku if Goku were a person of color. 

The animation of the show is honestly so bad it isn’t worth insulting for real. The plot makes almost no sense. And it takes place in 2023 so I guess that tracks. Honestly it is one of the worst Dragon Ball copies I’ve had the displeasure of looking up. It seems like it should be about Gokdari… but it’s about black haired Bulma who is a reporter trying to do a story on Gokdari and his Z fighters. I’m sorry… the Super Kids. It’s all over the place really and it just can sit here on this list as an anime you wouldn’t watch to save your life. 

I’ve come across a lot of anime in my life that I’ve watched and just quit because I hated it. But these are anime I know for a fact I wouldn’t even be able to start. Animation is important so that would be the first red flag, but the plots for some of these are just…a lot. Hopefully, you don’t have to come across these by accident and if you have seen any of these, my condolences to your wasted time. 

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