5 of the Worst Mutant Abilities Ever

With the X-men ‘97 show out currently and doing amazing, might I add, there have been some speculations flying around about mutants that we could see as well as abilities we could see that would be fun for the show and any future episodes should it go past this one new season. With those conversations floating around, I started to dig around and I just found several mutants with the absolute WORST mutant abilities ever and I honestly hope that not only do we NOT see them in this show, but that we don’t see them in any future X-men or mutant related projects. 

These abilities aren’t fun, aren’t cool and would not translate well at all on the big or small screen. To be perfectly honest, how they passed into the comic book world and went to the printers without being pulled is beyond me. Far beyond. So let us get into these really bad powers so that you can see what I mean and what I’m talking about. I’m not crazy, I promise. 

Stacy X

mutant 1

Now, I am going to start with Stacy X not because I think her powers are like the absolute worst but they are ultimately useless when it really counts. She controls pheromones which then can control bodily functions. Now, because she’s a prostitute or former one anyway, it works for that profession. Especially if she feels like her life is in danger and needs to get away rather quickly.  

Now the controlling of someone’s bodily functions seems like it would be a great idea. And to be honest it would, but she has to TOUCH YOU! Now, how does that help anyone in a fight? How I ask you, HOW?! It doesn’t. And there’s not really a need for her to even have it outside of her profession because who is letting her get close enough in a fight to TOUCH THEM! No. This is definitely one of the worst mutant abilities ever. 


mutant 2

I know, you know where I’m even about to go with this one. And even if you don’t think you know, deep down, you definitely know. So, Eye-Scream has only ever appeared once in a comic book and it was back in 1983. After I tell you his ability, you’ll understand why. His one and only true power, as a mutant, is that he can turn himself into any ice cream flavor. 

And I WISH you could see the look on my face right now. Your look reading it is probably the same look I have writing it. I don’t really have too much to say about the uselessness of this ability in particular, especially for a villain. I’m not sure whose idea it was, but don’t do it again. 

Glob Herman 

mutant 3

I’m going to be completely honest, some people really get the shortest end of the stick when it comes to getting mutant powers or abilities. And Glob Herman is really no different. I feel bad for him honestly. We all know mutant powers, abilities or traits can manifest themselves in different ways. From the most subtle to the incredibly obvious. 

If anyone has one of the worst mutant abilities ever, it would be Glob. His only ability is that his skin is translucent. He has no other powers. You can see his bones and his organs. And that is literally his ability. That helps exactly no one. And it only makes him not only the biggest target, because he’s tall of course, but it makes him the most obvious because you can literally just look at his heart and shoot it. You don’t even have to try. And I just KNOW, life has been hard for him. 

Ugly John

mutant 4

I promise this is actually his name and not me being mean. So, I wish you all could hear my laughter as I write this but to be honest, you’ll probably just laugh on your own. Now, Ugly John has an ability that can be physically seen. He has 3 faces, all of which are ugly. And THAT is his mutant ability. Being ugly. Not just being ugly but being ugly from all 3 sides! 

There’s literally nothing else for me to say about this one. He is definitely at the top of the worst mutant abilities ever. Because what do you even do with that? Besides scare people at the county fair? I think the creator for him was just being mean to someone he knew named John. 

TV Kid 

mutant 5

I feel like you all know which one I am referring to when I say this one. He’s not in the comics from what I remember but he was in X2: X-men United. When the house got raided he was in the living room flipping the channels, with his eyes. Now, there is no clarification on his tv channel changing abilities. But from what I can see, the channels change every time he blinks. IMAGINE! 

Let’s just set the scene, it’s superbowl weekend, 4th quarter and tied. You’ve bet like $600 on this game and it is literally down to this last play with your team at first and goal. And this child comes into the room and BLINKS, and changes the channel at the most important part of the game. Honestly, I’d cry. Because why is that your power right now? And what use is it? YOU, yourself, can’t even watch tv because when you blink it changes the channel. So it isn’t even useful to you! If this was my ability I’d be so hurt. Because what is the point?? 100% this is one of the WORST mutant abilities ever. I’d hate it. 

There are so many mutants in the world of comics and I fully intend to bring them to light. Especially those that you may not have heard of before. There are some really interesting mutants, some ancient mutants and even some mutants on different Earths that could give 616 a run for their money. With the new X-men ‘97 giving us some great stories and mutants to watch and getting geared up for 2 extra seasons, it is going to be incredibly interesting to see who they bring out next! Just hopefully, none of these. 

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