6 Must-Read Graphic Novels for Every Blerd

6 Must-Read Graphic Novels for Every Blerd

As readers, I think we get into a comfort zone when it comes to what we read. We have those books that we could read a million times over like it’s the first time. When it comes to graphic novels, I think it’s a bit different. Graphic novels, if you’re not necessarily a comic book reader, tend to be outside of the comfort zone for a lot of people, including blerds. But as readers, we love those stories that can pull you in and keep you. 

I think that’s why I enjoy graphic novels so much because when done correctly, they are a combination of things that are loved separately. You have the amazing and compelling story along with the pictures and graphics to accompany it so what you would be seeing in your mind is being played out right there on the page. For that reason, there are some must-read graphic novels for every blerd that I have discovered on my graphic novels kick and I truly think they will be enjoyed! 

Abbott(Saladin Ahmed)

6 Must Read Graphic Novels for Every Blerd

To start the list off on a strong note we have the graphic novel Abbott. This story, by Saladin Ahmed, features a determined tabloid reporter named Abbott who is ready to go to war with supernatural forces in 1972 Detroit. This Hugo Award-nominated novelist and artist Sami Kivelä presents to us one woman’s search for the truth that destroyed her family amidst an exploration of the systemic societal constructs that haunt our country to this day.

This novel is interesting for a few reasons. One of those reasons is the protagonist and while this is set in 1972, we get a glimpse of how real these situations can be for any of us and while we may not be dealing with the supernatural, the realness of what Abbott is dealing with and what we still deal with today is almost a mirror reflect told in a compelling and creative way. Another reason is the supernatural aspect of the story. It’s the butter to the bread of the story as a whole. It keeps the story fresh and up to date. Overall this is definitely one of  the great must-read graphic novels for every blerd to read. 

I am Alfonso Jones(Tony Medina)

6 Must Read Graphic Novels for Every Blerd 2

For this next one, I think it hits a bit hard but it is necessary especially for our younger blerd audience. This graphic novel was named in the 2018 Top Ten Great Graphic Novels for Teens list (Young Adult Library Services Association) and the New York Public Library’s list of Best Books for Teens. After taking a look at it myself, I could 100% see why. The mix of what was happening with the BLM Movement and the continued police brutality coupled with the inclusion of Shakespeare by way of Hamlet made for an absolutely amazing and insightful story. 

Following the main character, Alfonso, who has become a victim of police brutality, on a train of the dead speaking with others who have suffered the same fate, we are thrust into a double world. While his family is seeking justice, Alfonso is learning about his own new reality. With the quote from Hamlet “the dead shall speak–and the living yield even more surprises” being the overall theme of the story creates something really amazing and unique. The story is fantastic and really makes you sit and think. This is definitely worth the read. 

Nubia & the Amazons(Vita Ayala and Stephanie Williams) 

6 Must Read Graphic Novels for Every Blerd 3

Okay so, I definitely had to get this story in here because it is honestly so good. It’s one of the best DC Comics graphic novels I’ve read and I’ve read A LOT! On top of the fact that Nubia is just a great character all together. When she was first introduced to DC, they wrote her out of continuity pre-crisis. Now she’s back and is the new leader of the Amazons

I think this is a really great story and a much better representation of not only Nubia but the new Amazons coming to Themyscira. They are people of color and different backgrounds and it is amazing to see such an impactful story be so well written, especially coming from DC Comics who does not have the most amazing record when it comes to their black characters. It’s refreshing to see and is definitely one of the must-read graphic novels for every blerd. 100% recommend. 

Quincredible Vol. 1: Quest to be the Best (Rodney Barnes)

6 Must Read Graphic Novels for Every Blerd 4

If you haven’t had the privilege or opportunity to read Lion Forge Comics, I highly recommend their characters and Quincredible is one of them. With the team of Rodney Barnes, Selina Espiritu and Kelly Fitzpatrick, they bring Quincrdible to the graphic novel scene in style. Quinton West, our protagonist, was caught up in a meteor shower event that gave him the powers of invulnerability. However, with that one particular power, there isn’t anything else to compliment it so he spends this time learning how to cope with that. 

I think this is an interesting graphic novel because it’s something that can play out in everyday life. Basically some of us are blessed in one way or another with a skill that doesn’t come with any other skills and nothing to compliment said skill so we think it above all, is essentially useless. However, just like in this graphic novel, we find ways to cope with it and bring in our creative thinking in other avenues we know to help compliment this other skill that we otherwise wouldn’t have used. This is a really great book especially for blerds. 

Malika: Warrior Queen Volume 1 (Roye Okupe)

6 Must Read Graphic Novels for Every Blerd 5

The next one we have is definitely something that qualifies as one of the must-read graphic novels for every blerd, and I do mean every blerd. We have Malika: Warrior Queen brought to us by the talented creators and writers for YouNeek Studios/Comics. This graphic novel and the protagonist of this novel are compelling, riveting and just a lot of fun. The story is an amazing read and it allows you to be consumed into this comic book world and make you want to read about the other characters that belong to YouNeek. 

Writer Roye Okupe along with both Chima Kalu and Raphael Kazeem who are the illustrators on the project, have given us a child prodigy turned not only Queen but also Military Commander by the name of Malika. She is trying to keep her empire at peace as it expands, becoming one of the largest empires in West Africa. This catches the attention of the Ming Dynasty and she must keep her nation together while also preparing for a war against a feared power. This story is well written and tight and keeps the focus on Malika and what she can do. The illustrations definitely do the story justice and it just makes the book amazing all around. If you’ve not read it, I highly suggest giving it your attention. 

Blood Syndicate: Season One (Geoffrey Thorne)

6 Must-Read Graphic Novels for Every Blerd

Last and certainly not least, a personal favorite of mine. Something about a graphic novel about the Blood Syndicate makes me extremely happy. Mainly because we don’t get to hear too much about Milestone Comics but now they are making a well deserved comeback and it is fun to see those who would otherwise be lost to time be brought forward. If you know anything about Milestone you already know that this is incredibly exciting, if not, Milestone comics is where we get Static from. And he has a pretty good standing relationship with the Blood Syndicate. And this group is not really one to be played with when it comes to protecting their home and their friends. 

CHRISCROSS is the illustrator for this particular graphic novel and he captures the story perfectly in all of the images. You can feel all of the emotions as the Blood Syndicate works hard to not fight each other as they have a much bigger fight with Holocaust and his violent group and Bang Babies. It is interesting to see an updated version of the group and it is fun to see Tech-9 and Wise Son interacting with the group in a new way that is still reflective of the past. This is certainly one of the must-read graphic novels for every blerd as it is sure to give excitement and insight. 

These graphic novels tell amazing stories in new and different ways. Graphic novels work because even if you aren’t a comic book reader you have something to enjoy in novel form while also enjoying the picture sequences that come with it so that instead of simply imagining what is happening, you can see and enjoy it. Maybe even those pictures are how you had certain things play out in your mind. If you are a comic book reader, it’s still right up your alley because you’re essentially able to treat it like a really long comic book. Enjoy these. Find more. Expand your arsenal as a blerd and have fun with it. 

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