6 Single Season Anime That Deserve a Reboot

6 Single Season Anime That Deserve a Reboot

I know we’ve all seen a lot of anime, especially if we’ve been in the anime game since Dragonball Z and Sailor Moon were on the main lineup on Cartoon Network in the afternoons after school. That means we’ve definitely seen our share of anime that only had one season and we’ve been desperate for a whole lot more and have sadly not gotten at least one more season. 

But let’s really think about it. Some of the anime we loved back then deserve the most amazing reboot. Updated animation, a second run at the story, more character development and just an overall second chance at anime life, especially with the anime community getting bigger everyday! Here are some single season anime that deserve a reboot, in my most humble opinion. 

To the Abandoned Sacred Beasts

6 Single Season Anime That Deserve a Reboot

I absolutely had to start off strong with this one. To the Abandoned Sacred Beasts is a monster based anime that came out in 2019 and left us wanting more than more. The story surrounds a group known as Incarnates. The Incarnates were people who had the ability to turn into powerful mythical creatures and they were the secret weapon used in the civil war of the country of Patria. 

Upon the end of the civil war and the peace treaty was signed, the Incarnates were to be destroyed as if they were nothing but trash but one of their leaders named Cain betrayed the officers and escaped with the Incarnates across the country and allowed them to return home. However, in doing so the Incarnates were not able to transform back to their human forms and began destroying everywhere they went and their official Captain named Hank decided to hunt them down and give them their proper goodbyes. 

It’s been about 5 years since we were left with the craziest cliffhanger. While a second season would be great, a reboot would be amazing. This anime deserves the updated animation treatment. The story is compelling, gripping and emotional. You can really tell how Hank felt about his unit and that they weren’t weapons to each other. They developed into a family which makes it hurt more when we watch Hank dispatch them. Learning the secret of what happened with their powers and the several betrayals throughout the show is enough to warrant a reboot and I think it would benefit the anime community to see such an amazing show back on screen. 


6 Single Season Anime That Deserve a Reboot

Claymore is definitely another single season anime that deserves a reboot for a couple different reasons. One reason being that it was just THAT good. The second reason being the ending. With Claymore coming out in 2009 it has been a good long while and an updated reboot with a better ending would be magical. 

Claymore, for those who don’t know or don’t remember, follows Claire who is a Claymore. Claymores are half-human and half-Yoma. Yoma are shape shifting demons and as you can see in the first episode they have no problem shifting into loved ones after they’ve essentially eaten them. Claymores are only women and throughout the anime we see Claymores, like Claire, out for hire essentially because they are to keep Yomas at bay. 

We are introduced to other Claymores who are ranked higher than Claire but it is increasingly obvious that Claire is among the most powerful. Another reason for a reboot is the Claymore Teresa. The first time we see her on screen she is an absolute savage and we see her killed off too quickly as she is part of Claire’s past. For a long time fans have been requesting either a reboot of the series to include more of her or to do a spin off of her so that we can see how amazing she was before her ultimate demise. 

Besides the questionable ending, the story is engaging and the fight scenes are well done. A reboot would have these fight scenes benefitting from better animation and choreography and could quite possibly edge this anime up there with some of the best animated shows like Spyxfamily, Attack on Titan, Jujutsu Kaisen and Demon Slayer. If you haven’t already seen it, it’s definitely worth the watch. 

Beautiful Bones: Sakurako’s Investigation

6 Single Season Anime That Deserve a Reboot

So this anime is not one that too many people talk about, however, if you like shows like Another and Erased and even When They Cry you would definitely appreciate this show and agree that it is one of the single season anime that deserves a reboot. 

The story follows Sakurako who is a genius who is obsessed, and I mean that in the worst way, with bones. She is a private investigator who is often either assisted by police or is assisting the police and she’s all too good at her job. She has a high school student as an assistant and in a few episodes she acquires a dog. 

The underlying story is very interesting and it essentially ends on a cliffhanger. The show dropped in 2015 with the manga running for 2 years into 2017 and the light novel coming to an end in 2021. With all that information floating around, the show could definitely be rebooted and while it wasn’t widely known or talked about, a reboot and bringing it up to par with other mystery shows would put it in the spotlight and keep it there. The twists and turns that occur in just 12 episodes just shows that the writing is absolutely amazing and this would be a great reboot and addition to current and up to date anime. 


6 Single Season Anime That Deserve a Reboot

This one has to be included because it was just so well done. 11eyes can be found on Crunchyroll and it is about 12 episodes. The story follows Kakeru Satsuki who lost his sister and ended up with a best friend named Yuka. It’s very obvious that Yuka is in love with Kakeru throughout the series and at some point uses that love in the most twisted way to release the real villain of the series. 

At some point in the first episode, Yuka and Kakeru are walking home when they are randomly transported into a new world called The Red Night and are being hunted by monsters. They end up finding a group of other people with powers and weapons and fighting against an enemy called the Black Knights. 

The action, the characters, and the story all culminate into a really great single season anime and it is a CRIME that it either has yet to get a reboot since it came out in 2009 or that it hasn’t received a second season. This anime was well written and in terms of animation it would benefit greatly from an animation reboot in the style of Demon Slayer or Takt Op Destiny. It is definitely one of those hidden gems that should be pulled to the front and given some special treatment. 


6 Single Season Anime That Deserve a Reboot

Now this one may be a bit of a surprise, but if there was a single season anime that deserves a reboot it is definitely Blade. The anime originally came out in 2011 and was part of an anime slate Marvel had. It was animated by Madhouse and while the animation is great, the story and the animation could definitely use the upgrade. 

In this anime Blade goes up against Deacon Frost with the help of Makoto and Noah Van Helsing. He is also up against a mutant, Kikyo Mikage who trained under Blade and feels that killing Blade would help him prove himself. The story in and of itself is compelling and fun, accompanied by some good animation and great fight scenes. 

Even with these elements, Blade could benefit from a reboot. Marvel has more connections now, especially being under the Disney umbrella and with What If… being such an amazing success, a reboot of the Blade anime with the Blade live action lingering around the corner would be amazing to see. 

Afro Samurai 

6 Single Season Anime That Deserve a Reboot

You already know the vibes! Back in 2007 Afro Samurai had us all in a chokehold as an impressive anime that not only had an amazing story, characters, action and animation but it also had an amazing soundtrack as well. Afro Samurai is one for the books and is a single season anime that deserves a reboot. 

While I’ve talked about animation upgrades and while that would be great, the animation for Afro Samurai and how different from all the other anime we watched at the time it was, should stay the same. There are some different anime with similar but not quite the same animation that have come out in the past 5 or 6 years and have done really well and I do think that an upgraded and rebooted look with the same animation style will have this anime soaring to the number 1 spot. 

The movie did the animation justice as well so why not give the series a reboot?! At this point, not rebooting an anime about black bloodthirsty swordsman with an afro out of this world would be a crime.

All of these anime are amazing and of course, there are more that also deserve a reboot. Many more. With all of the anime coming out, hopefully there will be room for some of these to receive that reboot treatment and give us some refreshing nostalgia to see on screen. 

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