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8 Of The Best Black-Owned Anime Streetwear Brands Again

It’s Black History Month 2024 and the timing is fitting (see the pun), so I wanted to highlight some other Black-Owned anime streetwear brands. Blerds love anime and fashion, and with the growing blerd community there are more and more Black-Owned anime streetwear brands popping up. This is the 3rd part of this series (see 8 of the best black-owned anime streetwear brands & 8 more of the best black-owned anime streetwear brands ). Here are some of the best new brands I have seen:

Madness and Company

image 7

Madness and Company has some of the best branding I have even seen from a smaller streetwear brand. The company is based in Georgia and run by husband and wife duo Kenneth & Indyasia Fowler. The characters and designs are all original art. I think the standouts are the t-shirts that fuse together Japanese style artwork with American comic book style layouts. If you ever get a chance to see them at a convention they set up a very cool booth also!


The Power of Love Hoodie

Soular is another artist owned brand that excels in composition and quality. They were our neighbors at Dream Con 2023 and I got to pick up a few items (a Bleach inspired belt and Sailor Moon purse for the lady). One of the nice touches on this brands hoodies (and how you can tell its a Black-Owned brand) is the satin lined hood to keep your hair from going crazy. Soular pieces tend to sell out pretty quick so make sure to sign up for their list for alerts. If you’re a part of this community you have 100% seen that Starfire shirt too!


Elysium Black Owned Anime Brand Gomu Gomu Jacket

Elysium is another Black-Owned brand I became aware of at Dream Con 2023. Their standout piece is definitely their Gomu Gomu jacket inspired by One Piece. Sometimes I really love these understated-anime (almost quiet-luxury) type pieces where IYKYK, but to others its just a nice pattern.

-Our Story
I started this brand during the pandemic in 2020 on a whim when someone asked “if you want anime clothes so bad why don’t you make them”. I’ve always been strangely drawn to mangas and anime since I was a kid. There’s something about the main characters who fight against the odds, dream big, inspire their world, and keep moving forward no matter the cost that lit a fire inside me.

The way I see it we’re all living our own real life anime with arcs, fillers, plot armor, and dreams to chase. The goal of this brand is to light that fire inside of you, to draw inspiration from the shows and ideas you wear and create a community of leaders and creatives who are driven to be the best.

That’s exactly what the Elysium is, the only place in greek mythology where the heroes gathered at end of their journey. A commitment to shoot higher than all the stars.

It’s your world we just live in it.

via Elysium

Otaka House


Otaka House is a luxury anime-inspired bag and accessory company created by Shanequa & Kim of Black Girls Anime. They were our neighbors at Anime Weekend Atlanta last year and also worked on us with the Blerd x Black Girls Anime collaboration shirt. This brand also understands that understated anime appeal and focuses on putting on limited quality pieces.

Hard Decora

Try Me T-shirt

Hard Decora is a Black-Owned anime brand with a hardcore kawaii & Harajuku aesthetic. It was created by Kamilah Jones in 2014 and is one of the longest lasting brands in this category. They have created a story and universe around the Hard Decora brand which I always appreciate. The why, what, and message behind a brand can be just as important as how it looks. As a newer girl dad I can appreciate everything this brand stands for.

Otaku Academy


Otaku Academy just crossed the 3 year mark and is a brand that focuses on anime inspired jerseys and jackets. I wore jerseys constantly through middle and high school. Sports helped break me out of my introverted shell as a kid, so the brand resonates quite a bit with me. They are pre-order only right now so make sure to follow the company for updates on drops.

Kiki’s Attire

Lady Of The Leaf Jacket PRE-ORDER

Kiki’s Attire is a new luxury anime inspired brand created by influencer Kikicheea. I believe you will continue to see creator anime brands pop up with them putting their own style and spin on their favorite properties. I appreciate this brand focusing on quality and limited pieces. I believe the brands that will see success will focus on bringing unique pieces to the market.


via Kiki’s Attire

Anime Onlies

image 8

Anime Onlies is a newer brand launched by one of Blerd’s very own Yaseen That Guy. The brand focuses on celebrating fandom without being “too loud”. There’s a time and place for loud clothing and there’s a time for that more understated look. Neutral colors are also much easier to match and layer with other clothing. The tonality and colors also make this clothing easier to wear with most of the casual sneakers being released lately.

Anime Onlies is more than a clothing brand –  it’s a life to embody. We are committed to confronting the negativity in fandoms by promoting a lifestyle that deeply resonates with anime’s rich themes.
Our apparel reminds us to live authentically and embrace the diverse narratives and lessons anime offers. We believe in the power of these stories to inspire, challenge, and enrich our lives.

We encourage our community to ‘Discover Life. Live Anime.’ – to embody the spirit of anime in their actions, choices, and perspectives. Join us in living a life that reflects the imagination, heart, and soul of the anime we cherish.

via Anime Onlies

I’m excited to see the continued growth of Black-Owned anime streetwear brands as both the blerd community and anime continue to grow. I always get some flack in the comment’s about brands I missed, so make sure to let us know who else should be included on our social media @blerdofficial .

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