A New Black Superhero With A Twist – Stealth

Stealth by Image Comics

A new Black character named Stealth has been released by Image Comics. Stealth is a new Black superhero created by Robert Kirkman and Marc Silvestri, written by Mike Costa, art by Tamra Bonvillain & Nate Bellegarde with cover art by Jason Howard.

The Stealth Story

Stealth takes place in Detroit, Michigan following the story of Tony Barber who is a journalist who is also struggling with having to take care of his father that suffers from Alzheimer’s. His father forgets things like who his son is and what is happening around him. Tony tackling his fathers mental health issues makes it difficult for him to maintain his day job and also being the hero that Detroit needs. He starts becoming increasingly aggressive, probably from the pent up anger he is feeling.

Anymore details past this point would be spoilers, so stop the video and pick up Stealth here if you do not want to hear more.

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