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Immerse yourself in the electrifying world of nerdcore music with the release of Afrococoapuffs‘ latest album, “Black Girl Touch,” now streaming on all platforms. This groundbreaking second album is a celebration of Black women and their extraordinary influence in the cosplay community, wrapped in infectious beats and heartfelt lyrics.

Afrococoapuffs extends a warm and enthusiastic thank you to the incredible individuals who braved unpleasant weather and contributed their positive energy to make the “Black Girl Touch” music video a resounding success.

The album shines a spotlight on the often overlooked yet immensely talented “unpopular” cosplayers, delivering a powerful message of visibility and love. Afrococoapuffs’ gratitude is palpable as she thanks each cosplayer by name for their contribution to making this project extraordinarily special.

“Black Girl Touch” is more than just an album; it’s a vibrant movement dedicated to celebrating the magic of Black women in cosplay. Join the celebration this Black History Month and support these amazing artists and creators who embody the spirit of #28daysofblackcosplay. With themes of empowerment, community, and creativity, this album is a must-listen for fans of nerdcore music, cosplay enthusiasts, and anyone who appreciates the artistry and strength of Black women.

via Afrococoapuffs:

“There are so many “unpopular” cosplayers that are wonderful yet overlooked. I SEE YOU, I LOVE YOU, AND NEVER STOP 😘 Thank you to the cosplayers who allowed me to show them off and made this project even more special (in order): @tadahcosplay @mutantglue @razsibylla @steph.thestitchbitch @b.cunninghamcosplay @lolagbenjo @scarlet_uzumaki @kawaii.fatu @kasumikat @chocolatecheriedelight @fujicakezzz420 @sleepyheadsiren @thebadwolfreigns @belleawsum_cos @kaleidoscopechick @lee_joi @mia_denay @cerise_queen_cosplays @theycallmesongbird @supernamu @cosyflynn and Tiana Marie”

Dive into the heart of the nerdcore and blerd community with “Black Girl Touch.” Let’s uplift and support Black women in costume, fostering a space where everyone is seen, loved, and encouraged never to stop shining. Follow the journey, share the love, and be part of a movement that’s changing the face of cosplay and music, one track at a time. #BlackGirlTouch #supportblackwomen #cosplay #nerdcorehiphop #blerdcommunity

If you want to support Black cosplayers – check out our Black Cosplay section on our site.

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