Bae-Chan After Dark No. 85 Music & Blerdiness with DJ Taylor Senpai

Welcome to Bae-Chan After Dark No. 85, the podcast where music, blerdiness, and adult conversations collide. The spotlight is on DJ Taylor Senpai in this episode, as he takes us through his adventures, from adult clubs to innovative branding decisions, all while revealing his music tastes and creative processes.

Insights from DJ Taylor Senpai

In this episode, DJ Taylor Senpai takes the stage to share his experiences in the music and blerd worlds. He discusses his time as a DJ at adult clubs, demonstrating how his musical abilities transcend varied situations and produce amazing moments for both listeners and club-goers.

Celibacy as a Protective Measure

Learn how DJ Taylor Senpai’s decision to be celibate serves as a protective barrier for his personal brand. His decision guarantees his brand can’t be tainted by scandals or misrepresentation. Listen in to learn why he made this decision: to protect the brand he has worked so hard to establish for the past eight years from any potential harm that could result from allowing the wrong person into his personal sphere.

Enhancing After-Parties

Bae-Chan After Dark delves into DJ Taylor Senpai’s role as the after-party DJ at Dreamcon 2023 and Blerdcon 2023. Explore how his music adds to the mood, changing events into vibrant celebrations of anime, blerd culture, and music.

DJ Set Design: Anime Music vs. Video Game Music

Discover DJ Taylor Senpai’s musical tastes as he reveals his preference for anime music over video game soundtracks. Learn about his creative process and how he skillfully mixes anime melodies into his performances, demonstrating his ability to craft DJ sets that engage with his various audiences.

Musical Craft and Content Creation

This episode highlights DJ Taylor Senpai’s dedication to creating interesting material. Learn about his creative process and how he develops his DJ performances. Learn about his preference for anime music and how he incorporates it into his performances.


Bae-Chan After Dark No. 85 provides an unvarnished insight into DJ Taylor Senpai’s world, where music, blerdiness, and personal branding collide. This episode delves into his journey, from his experiences in adult clubs to his magnetic presence at major events. On this captivating episode of Bae-Chan After Dark, we’ll be delving into the world of DJ Taylor Senpai’s music, artistry, and blerd persona.

Head of Content // Blerds out about: Video Games, Anime, Comics, Cartoons, Movies

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