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We live in a world where black culture is becoming increasingly more visible and celebrated. With that comes the rise of black media companies, which are creating amazing content to celebrate our history and amplify our voices. Whether you’re into anime, comic books or just want to stay informed on current events related to Black people, there are plenty of ways you can support these organizations by simply showing your support with donations or streaming their services. In this blog post we will discuss the benefits of supporting Black Media Companies as well as provide examples for how they have been successful in providing representation for us all. Finally, we’ll give resources so that you can learn even more about what’s out there from these important groups.

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Overview of Black Media Companies

Black media companies have been around for decades, but their importance has only recently become more widely recognized. From television networks to streaming services, film production studios to music labels and distribution platforms, black media companies are playing an increasingly important role in our culture.


The history of black media companies dates back to the early 20th century when newspapers such as The Chicago Defender and Pittsburgh Courier were established by African-American entrepreneurs. In the 1950s, radio stations like WERD in Atlanta began broadcasting programming specifically targeting a black audience. During this same period, television networks such as BET (Black Entertainment Television) were founded with the goal of providing content that was relevant to African-Americans. Over time these organizations grew into larger conglomerates that produced films, TV shows and other forms of entertainment targeted at people of color.

Types of Companies

Today there are many different types of black media companies operating across various industries including film production studios like Tyler Perry Studios; television networks like OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network); streaming services like Netflix; music labels like Motown Records; digital distribution platforms such as Tidal; online publications and blogs such as Blavity; podcasts and radio shows hosted by prominent figures within the community, industry organizations dedicated to promoting diversity in Hollywood such as Color Of Change or Black Women Animate, and much more.

Popular Platforms

Black media companies have a long and varied history, from early radio stations to modern streaming services. Supporting these businesses can help create economic opportunities for black entrepreneurs, as well as provide more visibility for diverse voices in the media landscape. Now let’s look at the benefits of supporting these companies.

Key Takeaway: Black media companies have been around for decades, but their importance has only recently become more widely recognized. Popular platforms include film production studios, television networks, streaming services, music labels and digital distribution platforms that are helping to promote diversity in Hollywood.

Benefits of Supporting Black Media Companies

Supporting black media companies is an important way to help promote diversity and representation in the entertainment industry. It can also have a positive economic impact, as these companies often employ people from underrepresented communities and provide them with opportunities for career growth. Here are some of the key benefits of supporting black media companies:

Economic Impact:

By investing in black-owned businesses, we can help create jobs and stimulate local economies. This has a ripple effect that can benefit entire communities by providing access to resources such as education, healthcare, housing, and more. Additionally, when consumers support these businesses they are helping to close the racial wealth gap by creating generational wealth within marginalized communities.

Cultural Representation:

Black media companies give us stories that reflect our culture and experiences in ways that mainstream outlets cannot or will not do. They provide unique perspectives on topics like race relations, politics, gender identity, mental health issues and much more – giving us insight into how other cultures view the world around them. This helps build understanding between different groups while fostering empathy for those who may be facing similar struggles or challenges in their own lives.

Increased Visibility:

When we support black media companies it gives us greater visibility both nationally and internationally which allows our voices to be heard louder than ever before. This increased visibility leads to more opportunities for collaboration across industries which ultimately results in higher quality content being produced at a faster rate than ever before.

Supporting black media companies has many benefits, from creating economic opportunities to increasing visibility and representation. By following the steps outlined in the next heading, you can help make a difference in the industry and support black creators.

Key Takeaway: Supporting black media companies has many benefits, including creating jobs and stimulating local economies, providing cultural representation, and increasing visibility. This leads to higher quality content being produced faster while also giving a voice to those who have been historically underrepresented.


How to Support Black Media Companies

One of the best ways to support black media companies is by financially supporting content creators. This can be done in a variety of ways, such as donating directly to their Patreon accounts or purchasing products from their online stores. Additionally, you can purchase digital downloads of their work or even commission them for custom artwork. By doing this, you are helping to ensure that these creators have the resources they need to continue creating and sharing amazing content with the world.

Another way to show your support for black media companies is by following and sharing on social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. Sharing posts about upcoming projects or events helps spread awareness about what these companies are doing and encourages others to get involved too. You can also follow individual creators so that you’re always up-to-date on what they’re working on next.

Finally, attending events and conferences hosted by black media companies is another great way to show your support. These events often feature panels discussing topics related to diversity in tech and other industries as well as networking opportunities with industry professionals who may be able to offer advice or mentorship down the line. Attending these events not only shows your commitment but also provides an opportunity for learning more about how we can all contribute towards making our communities better places for everyone.

By financially supporting content creators, following and sharing on social media platforms, and attending events and conferences, we can show our support for Black Media Companies. Let’s take a look at some successful examples of these companies now.

10 Of The Top Black Media Companies


ESSENCE is the leading media, technology, and commerce company dedicated to Black women. For over 50 years they have been inspiring an audience of over 20 million with their signature magazine and annual ESSENCE festival in NOLA. They are committed to reinforcing how we show up for one another through “Buying Black” which goes beyond just shopping with Black-owned businesses.

To support Black content there are many different ways you can tap into today so you can stay informed, educated, and entertained on all things black culture. One way is by subscribing to ESSENCE Magazine which covers topics such as beauty & style, entertainment news & celebrity gossip, health & wellness advice from experts plus much more. You can also find exclusive interviews with your favorite celebrities like Beyonce or Michelle Obama that will give you a behind the scenes look at their lives.

Another great way to stay connected with ESSENCE is through their website where they offer articles about current events related to the African American community along with lifestyle tips and tricks that help make life easier. Plus they have a special section called “The Street” where readers can shop for streetwear inspired by black culture such as t-shirts featuring iconic quotes from famous figures like Malcolm X or Angela Davis.

You don’t want to miss out on what’s happening in the world of fashion either because ESSENCE has its own online store filled with stylish apparel including hoodies, joggers and tees perfect for any occasion. Not only do they provide clothing but also accessories like hats and bags so you’ll always be dressed in style no matter where you go. And if that wasn’t enough – they even have a section dedicated solely to anime fans who love Japanese animation filmsseries – giving them access to exclusive merchandise not found anywhere else.

Finally – don’t forget about comic book lovers either because ESSENCE offers limited edition comics created by some of today’s most talented artists featuring stories inspired by African American history or characters influenced by real people making it easy for everyone interested in this genre of literature find something new each month without having search too hard.


Blavity is an American Internet media company and website that was created by and for Black millennials. It provides a platform to economically and creatively support Black millennials across the African diaspora, so they can pursue the work they love, and change the world in the process.

The mission of Blavity is to create content that celebrates black culture, encourages social justice activism, promotes entrepreneurship among young people of color, as well as provide resources for those interested in learning more about tech or starting their own business.

Blavity offers a wide range of products including apparel such as streetwear designed specifically for black nerds, techie-types and anime fans; comic books featuring characters from various cultures; music streaming services; online courses on topics like coding or web development; digital magazines focusing on current events within the African diaspora; original video series highlighting stories from around the globe; podcasts discussing everything from politics to pop culture.

In addition to providing content tailored towards its target audience, Blavity also hosts events throughout North America where attendees can network with other professionals while engaging in conversations surrounding topics related to race, gender identity & expression, intersectionality etc. These events are open to everyone regardless of age or background – all you need is an interest in learning more about these issues.

At Blavity we believe it’s important not only to celebrate our unique cultures but also recognize how much we have in common when it comes down to facing similar challenges together – which is why we strive everyday make sure our voices are heard loud & clear.

Urban One

Urban ONE is the go-to source for Black Nerds, Techies, Anime Fans and Comic Book Readers. It’s a media platform that has been providing culturally relevant content to its audience since 1985. With brands like Hello Beautiful, Global Grind and Cassius, Urban ONE offers an array of entertainment options for those looking to stay informed on all things related to their interests.

Urban ONE covers topics ranging from tech news and reviews to anime conventions and comic book events. Their radio station also provides a great way for listeners to stay up-to-date with the latest music releases as well as interviews with some of today’s hottest artists in hip hop, R&B and soul genres.

In addition to their media platforms, Urban ONE also offers exclusive streetwear collections designed specifically for black nerds, techies, anime fans and comic book readers alike. From t-shirts featuring popular characters from various comics or video games such as Naruto or Mario Bros., they have something for everyone who wants to show off their fandom pride in style.

For those looking for more than just clothing items though; Urban ONE also hosts virtual events throughout the year which are perfect opportunities for people within these communities to come together online in order connect over shared interests while having fun at the same time. Whether it’s attending a virtual panel discussion about upcoming movies or joining an online gaming tournament – there’s always something exciting happening at Urban One.

Overall; if you’re looking for reliable information about your favorite hobbies or want stylish apparel that expresses your unique personality – then look no further than Urban One.

The Shade Room

The Shade Room is a popular online destination for black nerds, techies, anime fans and comic book readers. It’s an interactive platform where people can come together to discuss the latest news and trends in their respective fields. The site was founded by Angelica Nwandu with the intention of providing an honest space for her readers to express their opinions on various topics.

The Shade Room has become one of the most influential sources of information for its audience, offering up-to-date coverage on celebrity gossip, sports news, entertainment industry updates and more. They also provide exclusive interviews with some of today’s biggest stars as well as unique content such as fashion tips and advice from experts in the field.

In addition to all this great content, The Shade Room also offers a variety of merchandise including t-shirts, hoodies and hats that are perfect for any fan looking to show off their fandom pride. Their apparel is designed with black nerd culture in mind – featuring bold colors like yellow or pink paired with fun graphics like superheroes or anime characters. Not only does it look cool but it’s also comfortable enough to wear all day long.

The Shade Room isn’t just about reading articles though; they have created a community atmosphere where people can connect over shared interests through comments sections or even video chats hosted by members themselves. This makes it easy for anyone who wants to join in on conversations about current events or just talk about what they’re watching at home – no matter how niche your interest may be there will always be someone else out there who shares it too.

Madame Noire

MADAME NOIRE is the perfect destination for Black nerds, techies, anime fans and comic book readers. Whether you’re looking to stay up-to-date on the latest trends in streetwear or just want to find out what’s going on in your favorite fandom, MADAME NOIRE has got you covered.

We provide a wide range of content from fashion tips and advice to interviews with influential figures in entertainment and beyond. We also have an extensive library of articles about everything from gaming culture to self-care practices that will help keep you informed and inspired.

Our team is dedicated to bringing our readers the best coverage possible when it comes to topics related to black nerd culture. From cosplay tutorials and reviews of new releases in comics, anime, movies, TV shows – we cover it all. Our goal is not only to keep our readers up-to-date but also provide them with resources they can use as they continue their journey into nerd culture.

At MADAME NOIRE we strive for excellence by providing quality content that resonates with our audience while staying true to our mission: “To empower African American women through knowledge sharing and community building.” We hope that by doing this we can create a safe space where people feel comfortable expressing themselves without fear of judgement or criticism.

So if you’re looking for a place where you can get your daily dose of Black Nerd Streetwear & Media news then look no further than MADAME NOIRE.


REVOLT is a digital cable network that celebrates the culture of hip-hop and other forms of black music. It’s an outlet for creatives to express themselves through their art, whether it be in fashion, film, or music. The network was founded by Sean “Diddy” Combs in 2013 with the mission to provide a platform for people who are passionate about their craft and want to share it with the world.

The REVOLT team consists of producers, directors, actors, musicians and more from all walks of life who come together to create content that speaks directly to its audience. From original series like “State Of The Culture” which discusses hot topics in the industry today; “No Filter With Naomi Campbell” where she interviews some of today’s biggest stars; or even shows like “Black Nerd Streetwear” which focuses on streetwear trends among Black nerds – REVOLT has something for everyone.

In addition to its programming lineup, REVOLT also offers exclusive artist premieres and live events featuring some of your favorite artists. They also have an app available on both iOS and Android devices so you can stay up-to-date on everything happening at REVOLT no matter where you are.

REVOLT is dedicated not only to providing great entertainment but also being socially conscious as well – they partner with organizations such as NAACP Legal Defense Fund (LDF) & Urban League Young Professionals (ULYP). This allows them not only reach out into communities but also give back when possible.

Overall if you’re looking for quality entertainment from creators within our community then look no further than REVOLT.

Black Enterprise

Black Enterprise is the go-to resource for Black professionals, entrepreneurs, and decision makers. With over 50 years of experience in providing business advice and information to African Americans, it’s no wonder why they are a trusted source for so many. Whether you’re looking to start your own business or invest in one, Black Enterprise has the resources you need to get started.

Their website offers an array of articles on topics such as financial literacy, career development, entrepreneurship tips and more. They also provide tools like their Small Business Resource Center which provides access to grants and other funding opportunities that can help launch your dream venture into reality. Additionally, they have a wide selection of books written by experts in various fields related to finance and entrepreneurship that can be used as reference materials when starting out or expanding your business operations.

Black Enterprise also hosts events throughout the year where attendees can network with industry leaders while learning about best practices from experienced professionals in their respective fields. These events are great ways for aspiring entrepreneurs to gain insight into what it takes to succeed in today’s competitive marketplaces.

Finally, Black Enterprise provides digital media content through its podcast network which features interviews with successful African American entrepreneurs who share stories about how they achieved success against all odds. The podcasts cover topics ranging from personal branding strategies to overcoming obstacles when launching a new product or service line; making them must-listen material for anyone interested in becoming an entrepreneur themselves.

Overall, Black Enterprise is an invaluable resource for those seeking knowledge on how best approach investing or starting their own businesses within the African American community – giving everyone access to reliable information regardless of background or experience level.

Watch the Yard

Watch The Yard is a media company that has revolutionized the Black college experience. It was created in 2014 and quickly became a leading destination for news related to black greek sororities and fraternities, as well as other aspects of black culture.

The site provides an array of content from articles about current events, interviews with celebrities, fashion trends, music reviews and more. Watch The Yard also offers exclusive merchandise such as t-shirts, hats and hoodies designed specifically for the “Black Nerd” community. These items feature unique designs inspired by anime characters or comic book heroes like Black Panther or Luke Cage.

In addition to their online store, Watch The Yard hosts various events throughout the year including movie screenings, meetups at conventions and even trips abroad. They have taken groups of students on trips to places like Ghana where they can learn about African history while connecting with locals through service projects.

Watch The Yard strives to create an inclusive space where people can celebrate their love for all things nerdy while embracing their identity as a black person in America today. Whether you’re looking for stylish streetwear or just want to stay up-to-date on what’s happening in your community – Watch The Yard is definitely worth checking out.

The Grio

The Grio is a website dedicated to providing news, opinion, entertainment and video content geared towards African Americans. It was founded in 2009 as a division of NBC News and has since become an independent media company owned by a black media company. The Grio offers up-to-date coverage on the latest news stories, including politics, health care reform, civil rights issues and more. They also feature exclusive interviews with celebrities and influencers from the African American community.

In addition to their news coverage, The Grio provides entertaining content such as reviews of movies and television shows featuring black actors or characters; articles about current trends in fashion for Black Nerds; lifestyle pieces that explore topics like mental health awareness among young people; music videos from emerging artists; comic book reviews; anime reviews; gaming guides for newbies; tech tutorials for those looking to learn coding skills or create appswebsites of their own.

The Grio’s mission is to provide a platform where all voices can be heard – regardless of race or gender – while highlighting positive stories within the African American community that often go overlooked by mainstream media outlets. Their goal is to empower readers with knowledge so they can make informed decisions about their lives while celebrating our culture through engaging content that speaks directly to them.

Atlanta Black Star

Atlanta Black Star is the go-to destination for black nerds, techies, anime fans, and comic book readers. It’s a place to get informed on news, politics, entertainment and culture from a black perspective. We provide an empowering narrative that celebrates our people of African descent and those who adhere to black culture.

We have something for everyone. Our website features articles about the latest trends in fashion and streetwear geared towards the modern day nerd. From sneakers to graphic tees we’ve got you covered with stylish looks that will make you stand out from the crowd. Plus, we offer reviews of all your favorite movies, TV shows and video games so you can stay up-to-date on what’s hot right now.

Our site also provides interviews with some of today’s most influential figures in tech such as entrepreneurs like Mark Zuckerberg or inventors like Elon Musk. Get inspired by their stories as they share how they made it big in this ever changing world of technology.

If comics are more your thing then check out our selection of digital comics featuring characters from Marvel Comics or DC Comics along with independent titles created by talented artists around the globe. We even have exclusive content written just for us which means there’s always something new to read every week.

Finally if anime is what gets your blood pumping then don’t worry because Atlanta Black Star has got you covered too. Check out our collection of manga series ranging from classic favorites like Dragon Ball Z to newer releases such as My Hero Academia – there’s sure to be something here for everyone no matter what genre they prefer. And if that wasn’t enough we also feature podcasts discussing topics related to nerdy interests so tune in anytime for an entertaining listen while at work or home.

What is the largest black media company?

The largest black media company is BET Networks, which is owned by Viacom.

What are the top 5 black newspapers?

1. The New York Amsterdam News 2. The Chicago Defender 3. Los Angeles Sentinel 4. Baltimore Afro-American 5. Detroit Free Press


Examples of Successful Black Media Companies

Television Networks & Streaming Services:

BET, founded by Robert Johnson in 1980, is one of the most successful black-owned networks and has produced a variety of popular shows such as The Game, Being Mary Jane, and Real Husbands of Hollywood. In recent years streaming services like Netflix and Hulu have opened up opportunities for black creators to produce content on their own terms. Shows like Queen Sugar from Ava DuVernay’s Array Alliance or Dear White People from Justin Simien are just two examples of how streaming services can be used to create unique stories that speak directly to black audiences.

Film Production Studios:

As with television networks, film production studios owned by African Americans have made an impact on the entertainment industry over the past few decades. Spike Lee’s 40 Acres & A Mule Filmworks has produced some of his most iconic films including Do The Right Thing (1989) and Malcolm X (1992). Tyler Perry Studios was founded in 2006 and has since become a major player in Hollywood producing dozens of feature films starring actors such as Taraji P Henson and Idris Elba. More recently filmmakers like Jordan Peele (Get Out), Barry Jenkins (Moonlight), Ryan Coogler (Black Panther) are using their success to bring attention to more independent projects that explore themes related to race, identity, culture, etc

From television networks to film production studios, music labels and distribution platforms, there are numerous successful black media companies that have made a lasting impact on the industry. The next heading will discuss resources for finding more information about these influential organizations.

Key Takeaway: Black media companies have been making a huge impact on the entertainment industry, from BET to Netflix and Hulu. African-American filmmakers such as Spike Lee, Tyler Perry, Jordan Peele and Barry Jenkins are creating unique stories that speak directly to black audiences. This has allowed for more diverse perspectives in film and television production.

Resources for Finding More Information About Black Media Companies

Online Publications & Blogs:

There are many online publications and blogs that focus on black media companies. These can be a great source of information about the latest news, trends, and developments in the industry. Examples include The Root, Shadow & Act, Blavity, Okayplayer, and Afropunk.

Podcasts & Radio Shows:

Podcasts and radio shows are another great way to stay up-to-date with what’s happening in the world of black media companies. Popular podcasts include The Black List Table Reads by Franklin Leonard; Mogul

The Life And Death Of Chris Lighty; Disruptive Conversations hosted by Jamarlin Martin; as well as various programs from NPR such as Code Switch and 1A.

Industry organizations like Color of Change or Reelblack offer resources for finding more information about black media companies. Additionally, there are networks such as Black Public Media which provide funding opportunities for content creators who want to produce stories that reflect their experiences within the African American community.

FAQs in Relation to Black Media Companies

What is the largest black media company?

The largest black media company is BET Networks, a subsidiary of ViacomCBS. It was founded in 1980 and has since become the leading provider of entertainment for African American audiences worldwide. The network offers original programming such as music videos, movies, news, comedy specials and award shows. BET also owns several other networks including Centric TV and BET Her which focus on women’s interests and Black culture respectively. Additionally, it produces digital content through its website bet.com as well as mobile apps for iOS and Android devices. With an expansive reach across multiple platforms, BET Networks continues to be the premier destination for African Americans seeking entertainment options that reflect their unique perspectives and experiences.

What TV brand is black-owned?

One of the most prominent black-owned TV brands is Bounce TV. Founded in 2011 by Martin Luther King III, Andrew Young and Ryan Glover, Bounce TV has become a leader in providing quality entertainment for African American audiences. It offers a wide variety of programming including movies, sports, news and original series. The network also features content from major Hollywood studios such as Warner Bros., Paramount Pictures and Universal Pictures. With its focus on uplifting stories that reflect the lives of African Americans, Bounce TV is an important voice in television today.

1. The New York Amsterdam News:

Founded in 1909, this newspaper is the oldest black-owned and operated newspaper in the United States. It covers news related to African American culture, politics, sports, business and entertainment.

2. The Chicago Defender:

Established in 1905, this paper has been a leader of civil rights movements throughout its history and continues to be an influential voice for African Americans today. It focuses on local news as well as national stories about race relations and social justice issues.

3. The Washington Informer:

This weekly publication was founded in 1964 by Dr Calvin W Rolark Sr., who served as publisher until his death in 2017. It covers topics such as education, health care reform, housing discrimination and other issues affecting African Americans living within the DC area.

4. Los Angeles Sentinel:

This paper has been published since 1933 and is one of the largest black newspapers in California with over 100K readers each week across print & digital platforms combined. Its focus is primarily on community events & activities taking place within LA County’s Black communities plus coverage of international news from Africa & Caribbean nations too.

5. Atlanta Voice:

Founded by former Atlanta mayor Maynard Jackson Jr., this newspaper provides coverage of local politics & current affairs impacting people living within Georgia’s capital city plus regional stories from around the state too.

What popular companies are black-owned?

There are a number of popular black-owned companies in the streetwear and media space. Among them is FUBU, founded by Daymond John, which has become an iconic brand for urban fashion. Another notable company is The Root, a digital magazine that covers news and culture from a black perspective. Additionally, there’s Black Enterprise Magazine which focuses on business news and resources for African Americans. Finally, there’s ReelzChannel TV Network which produces original programming focusing on entertainment topics such as movies and celebrity gossip. All these companies have made great strides in providing quality products to their target audiences while also promoting diversity within the industry.


In conclusion, black media companies are an important part of our culture and it’s essential to support them. By supporting these businesses, we can help create more opportunities for black creators and entrepreneurs. With the right resources, you can find out more about the different types of black media companies available and how to best support them. As a collective community, let’s continue to show our appreciation for all that black media companies have done and will do in the future.

We must take action to support black media companies and create a platform for the expression of Black Nerd culture. We need to amplify their voices, provide them with resources and access to funding, and ensure that they are given equal opportunities in the industry. By joining forces together we can help build an ecosystem where our creative vision is realized without compromising on quality or representation. Let’s come together as one community to make sure these organizations succeed!

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