Black Nerd Problems Book

Black Nerd Problems – Hot Takes For Every Blerd

Black Nerd Problems Book

Black Nerd Problems – Hot Takes For Every Blerd

I have to admit, I have been a criminal when it has come to keeping up with my reading this year. However, when you are offered a copy of a book called Black Nerd Problems and run a company called Blerd you have to make exceptions. Black Nerd Problems is written by William Evans and Omar Holmon who run the popular nerd website also titled Black Nerd Problems. I am late with this review, but Black Nerd Problems is a quick read that had me laughing and furrowing my eyebrows at the same time.

Let me first say that I do not endorse the first two chapters of the book about Simba and Batman. Simba is one of the GOATs and Batman deserves all the slander that comes to him on Al Gore’s internet. Black Nerd Problems is a collection of essays that span across all different types of nerd culture whether that is movies or video games and critiques them from a Black point of view. The book feels like those nerdy debates you would have at a convention or even with a friend at a local comic book shop, but in literary form.

“Batman shows up at a crime scene and talks to exactly one mutha-fucka. He don’t even like Gordon that much either cuz he never says goodbye, he just leaves that dude on read constantly.”

William Evans – Black Nerd Problems
Black Nerd Problems Book Back

One thing that I appreciated about Black Nerd Problems was the authentic manner that social issues were discussed as well. As blerds, we often reflect on the socio-political themes in the medium we are digesting a bit differently than others since often they hit very close to home.

“Wanna know the rough thing about being a Black nerd? Sometimes you see art imitate life so well that it captures the Black experience in America by accident. The very experience that you turned to fiction to escape from for a moment gets thrown right back in your face inadvertently.

Omar Holmon – Black Nerd Problems
Black Nerd Problems Book Cover

If you are a blerd, Black Nerd Problems is a must-read. It is insightful, humorous, and written like you are just having a conversation with a nerdy friend. Also, Omar if you read this…Jbreazy went to an HBCU and still doesn’t know how to play spades.

CEO & Founder // Blerds out about: Video Games, Tech, Anime & Sneakers // He has a B.A. in Sociology with a minor in Social & Economic Justice from the University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill

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