Black X-Men – A 100% Savage Black Team

Black X-Men Squad:

X-Men holds a special place in many blerds hearts with its civil rights themes. Why would an all Black X-Men team need to exist? What members would the team be made of? Does Marvel do it Black Characters Justice?

black x-men monet st croix

M aka Monet St. Croix

Monet St. Croix has a superpower grab bag including: Superhuman strength, durability, speed, reflexes and even durability. She also has a healing factor along with telescopic vision, night vision, and superhuman levels of hearing. Think that’s it? Well M also has telepathy and a bit of telekinesis. Is Monet St. Croix overpowered? Probably.

black x-men manifold

Manifold – aka Eden Fesi

Every good X-Men team has a teleporter. He is able to mold and reshape the space-time continuum. It seems that he can teleport anywhere in the universe that he wants to go, even without having to worry about ending up inside an object like Nightcrawler. Manifold is also skilled in medicine and healing remedies.

black x-men frenzy

Frenzy – aka Joanna Cargill

Frenzy possesses superhuman strength and durability with skin that is as hard as steel. She also has superhuman reflexes and agility. While incredibly strong, she does have a weakness to adamantium.

black x-men darwin

Darwin – aka Armando Muñoz

Darwin has the ability to instantaneously adapt to any situation around him. No matter what the situation is, his body will adapt so that he can survive. He is effectively immortal. He can also proactively use his ability to adapt before running into a situation.

black x-men oya

Oya – aka Idie Okonkwo

Oya is an all around damage and crowd control character. She can simultaneously use fire and ice powers; making her the original Shoto Todoroki.

black x-men synch

Synch – aka Everett Thomas

Synch can copy the powers of anyone roughly 20 feet around him. He can even simultaneously copy multiple powers at once. If he were around the other Black X-Men team members, he would be able to copy their powers as well. He may be able to permanently retain those powers.

black x-men bishop

Bishop – aka Lucas Bishop

Acting as second in command, the time displaced mutant who came back from the future is Bishop. He has the ability to absorb any energy fired at him and then redirect. He can shoot it right back at anyone that comes his way. Bishop can also hold onto this energy for a period of time and even enhance his physical attributes.

black x-men storm

Storm – aka Ororo Munroe

Probably the most well known Black X-Men member, Storm is able to manipulate the earth’s meteorological forces. She is an Omega level mutant that can create gale force winds, tornadoes, hurricanes, lightning storms, and other natural disasters. She was once the queen of Wakanda and has been the heart and soul of the X-Men universe since day 1. Obviously she would be the leader of the Black X-Men.

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