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Recently a black cosplayer by the Twitter name Vaelniel_ went viral with her first ever cosplay of Nezuko from Demon Slayer.  Unfortunately, soon after the same non-inclusive narrative came across that people of color hate to hear (another cosplayer mamamiyacosplay had to deal with a similar incident earlier this year). Why is a black person cosplaying as a non black anime character? Well I will tell you why. Because we can and we do look damn good doing it!  Vaelniel_ account was bullied and harassed until she went private, which sparked the # blackcosplayerhere movement. 

Let’s take a look at what the words anime and cosplay even mean.  Anime (a style of JAPANESE film and television) and cosplay ( costume play, especially one from JAPANESE genres of manga and anime).  So in all honesty, the bullying from any non-POC  doesn’t even make sense and is never justified, especially since the source material is usually from a foreign culture. 

If you read my Blerdcon 2019 mega post, it was my introduction to the world of black cosplayers specifically. I never knew that it was so vast and excellent. The lovely group of @blackcrystalcosplay_ @kingkitsu @yakfrost @ladylunastar eloquently explained in graphic detail this same scenario from their own points of views how racist toxicity has affected them.  At this point we have gone to multiple differents cons, and the narrative from black cosplayers is always the same – “Hey look it’s a Black (insert characters name) and not that is a good looking (insert character name).”

The power of black twitter and the black cosplay community is striking back with the emergence of #blackcosplayerhere with many black cosplayers vowing to stir up the system by using more and more Japanese characters in there cosplays. Can this be the start of something big? Will this be the start of a united front started by blerds? Regardless if it is the start of a revolution, this has brought a lot of black cosplayers together to show solidarity and that they will not be silenced by bullying! 

Vaelniel_ your cosplay was absolutely beautiful and stunning!  I know it was your first attempt at cosplay and you nailed it. Just know you have the support of a full community behind you! DO NOT STOP COSPLAYING. Embrace this and show the bullies that you can cosplay whoever and whenever you chose. 

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  • December 1, 2019

    I thought this was a foolish article. Simply because I would have already assumed that cosplay play was for everyone. And I don’t think there needs to be an article explaining that it’s for everyone. I think these people look great in Cosplay I think everybody looks great in Cosplay.

  • December 2, 2019

    This same stuff happens to every cosplayer. They go after white or asian people who cosplay a black character this is no different than that and it’s all bull shit they need to stop attacking people for cosplaying, it doesn’t matter what color the character was before, you are allowed to cosplay whatever character you like, don’t allow these people to tell you otherwise.

  • December 2, 2019

    Absolutely retarded to feel the need to write an article about black cosplayers. A cosplayers is a cosplayers not matter the skin color. So ur a black cosplayers, so what? People bully other people for cosplaying no matter ur color. It’s not a new thing. I agree it should stop, but you don’t need bring skin color into this, its a bit of a moot point. Totally unnecessary article. As if bullying black people for cosplaying is more damaging then bullying any other race….it’s pretty equal if u ask me.

  • December 3, 2019

    Retarded? That’s not a word we would use to describe this. You’re attacking the wrong people here. There was a very recent issue that led to the posting of this article. Reworded, this article came from an issue that arose on our social media page. We felt the need to show support for someone trying their hand at immersing themselves in a culture that can be very fun but some people seem to take too much ownership of it and turn it into a toxic environment…Whatever ethnicity or racial background you come from is one thing, but we feel as black people, we are qualified to speak on issues when they arise in our community, regardless of how large or small. If you took issue with the post, my question would be, are you qualified to call this post “stupid”? Next, if you aren’t, we thanks for the page click but if you are going to continue the very rhetoric that divides people, then shame on you. We create an inclusive network with representation across every genre we cover. We don’t care if you’re not a POC but we care that you respect what we are trying to do and that’s provide quality content for our viewers and followers on social media. If that somehow conflicts with you, then let’s have a conversation about it without the anonymity. I’ll be sure to play nice. 🙂 C$

  • December 8, 2019

    not really sure why this even went viral in the first place. sht like this has been happening for years. just delete, block and move on.

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