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Blerd Blerd Fruit Holographic Sticker


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Blerd Blerd Fruit Holographic Sticker

Light up your world with the magic of our Blerd Blerd Fruit Holographic Sticker. This enchanting sticker is a perfect expression of whimsy and wonder, designed for those who love to add a splash of fantasy to their everyday lives.

Crafted to catch the light and dazzle the eye, this holographic sticker changes hues and sparkles from every angle. Whether you stick it on your laptop, sketchbook, or car window, it’s built to impress with its durable, scratch-resistant, and weatherproof qualities.

Ideal for dreamers, storytellers, and anyone who cherishes mythical adventures, this sticker invites you to flaunt your creativity and passion for the fantastical. Its unique design and radiant finish make it a standout decoration, transforming ordinary objects into treasures.

(Note: Package includes one Blerd Blerd Fruit Holographic Sticker measuring 2.42″ x 3″.)

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