Blerd Comic History: Onyx

In “Blerd Comic History: Onyx,” Dr. K Knight, also known in the community as Dr. K the Anime Bae, embarks on a detailed exploration of Onyx, a standout character from Aspen Comics’ “Soulfire” series. This video provides a deep dive into the origins, powers, and narrative journey of Onyx, an assassin from the dark-magic imbued Fay Kingdom of Sethu, making her debut in “Soulfire Volume 1 Number One” back in 2003.

The character of Onyx, created by Michael Turner and JT Krul, is dissected for her complex motivations, allegiance, and evolution throughout the series. Beginning as an assassin tasked with abducting Mal, the vessel for Sasur or the light, Onyx’s story unfolds into a saga of conflict, loyalty, and transformation. Her powers, ranging from flight due to insect-like wings to mastery over dark magic, are analyzed, showcasing her as a figure of significant power and depth within the “Soulfire” universe.

This narrative journey through Onyx’s character arc presents viewers with a rich tapestry of themes, including power, loyalty, and identity, inviting them to ponder the nuanced line between heroism and villainy. The video not only highlights Onyx’s role and development but also the broader, intricate world of “Soulfire” and its characters.

For fans of comic book lore and those intrigued by the storytelling prowess of Aspen Comics, this presentation serves as an insightful entry into one of its most enigmatic characters. It invites both seasoned readers and newcomers to delve into the compelling story of Onyx, exploring the complexities and challenges she faces.

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Join us in this fascinating journey through comic book history with Dr. K the Anime Bae, and let’s continue to support and celebrate the stories that shape our world.

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