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Blerd Pride Glitter Stickers


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Blerd Pride Glitter Stickers

Express your individuality and celebrate your unique identity with our Blerd Pride Glitter Stickers! These are high-quality, durable stickers, that measure 3″ x 2.34″ and are perfect for the proud Black Nerd (“Blerd”).

Every Blerd Pride Glitter Sticker is infused with just the right amount of sparkle, adding a radiant touch to your favorite surfaces. The vibrant design, inspired by the rich and diverse culture of the Black Nerd community, radiates with pride and joy, allowing you to celebrate and share your love for geek culture with style.

The stickers are made from a premium vinyl material coated with a layer of shimmering glitter that catches and reflects light beautifully. Each sticker has a weather-resistant laminate that protects it from exposure to wind, rain, and sunlight. This means you can confidently place them on your laptop, water bottle, notebook, car bumper, or any other surface without worrying about fading or wear.

Our Blerd Pride Glitter Stickers have a strong adhesive backing, ensuring that they’ll stick firmly to any surface, yet leave no residue upon removal. With easy peel-and-stick application, these stickers are user-friendly and suitable for all ages.

Celebrate the intersection of Black culture and the love of all things nerdy with our Blerd Pride Glitter Stickers. A perfect gift for the proud blerds in your life, or an ideal way to showcase your own blerd pride, these glittering stickers are sure to make a bold statement.

Enjoy the sparkle, enjoy the pride, enjoy the blerd life with our Blerd Pride Glitter Stickers!

(Note: Package includes one Blerd Pride Glitter Sticker measuring 3″ x 2.34″. Larger quantities can be ordered at a discount.)

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