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Blerd T-Shirts

Blerd T-Shirts

Blerd™ is the only website to get official Blerd T-Shirts. You can find Blerd T-Shirts at the Official Blerd Shop here. There are many that imitate Blerd, but only the best Blerdiest site on the net can give you the Blerd apparel that you need. We have a 100% happiness guarantee on all of our Blerd T-Shirts which are either 100% ringspun cotton or Tri-blend to give you the softest experience. We offer Blerd T-Shirts in short sleeves, long-sleeves, and even crop tops. Why should you buy from us?

  1. Blerd is a 100% Black owned business
  2. The Blerd Shop is an online store that sells Blerd products by blerds and for blerds
  3. The Blerd Shop is the exclusive online store to sell Blerd products
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Where Can I Buy Blerd T-Shirts?

Blerd T-Shirts can be found on our website in The Blerd Shop Here.

Are Blerd T-Shirts Sold In Stores?

Blerd T-Shirts are currently not sold in any stores or boutique retailers. We are hoping to grow more so that this is a possibility. If you are interested in carrying Blerd Apparel in your shop, please email us at [email protected]

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I Saw A Blerd T-Shirt Somewhere Else?

Blerd does offer apparel on our Etsy shop as well, but pricing is a bit better direct here on Why? Because we do not have to pay the additional processing and marketing fees when you buy direct from us! Other Blerd T-Shirts are not authentic or official merchandise from Blerd LLC.

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How Much are Blerd T-Shirts?

Our standard pricing for a Blerd T-Shirt is normally between $29.99-$34.99 depending on the material and style of the shirt.

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I’m Not Black, Can I Wear A Blerd Shirt?

Of course you can, Blerd is all about inclusion and our shirts show that you are down with the community and representation!

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Can I Get A Discount on A Blerd Shirt?

Blerd generally offers discounts if you sign up for our newsletter and occasionally during special events and holidays.

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When Do New Blerd Shirts Release?

We try to release new Blerd T-Shirt designs at least every season, but sometimes we release new designs earlier. Some of our shirts are seasonal or designed for special events.

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How Do I Know My Size?

Blerd offers a size chart on all apparel listed on our website. You should see it on a tab next to the image of the shirt you are looking at.

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What Countries Do You Ship To?

We ship our apparel worldwide actually! If you are concerns about shipping, please send us an email at [email protected] before ordering.

How Do I Collaborate or Submit a Design for A Blerd Shirt?

Blerd primarily works with other Blerd artists in our community for our more complex Blerd T-Shirt designs. If you would like to submit an idea for a design please email us at [email protected] with your social media handles.

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Can I put the Blerd logo on one of my own shirts?

No, the Blerd logo is an officially registered trademark of Blerd LLC. For licensing and collaborations please email us at [email protected]

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Are You Black Owned?

Blerd LLC is 100% Black Owned and Operated. We bootstrapped our company ourselves and have no outside investors currently. Learn more about-us here

Why Should I Buy a Blerd T-Shirt?

Blerd T-Shirts, apparel, and accessories are our primary source of income to keep our awesome Blerd website going. Your support helps us grow the blerd community everyday! Plus it’s a cool way to show others that you are down with the blerd community!

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Where is my Blerd Shirt at?

Most of our apparel is made to order, so sometimes it takes us a bit to get your order out to you, but we promise your soft, comfy, and stylish Blerd shirt is on its way! If it has been over two weeks and you haven’t received an order update, please reach out to us at [email protected]

Can I return or exchange my Blerd Shirt?

Blerd has a 100% happiness guarantee. Due to COVID-19, we are currently not accepting returns on Blerd apparel or merchandise, but if you do find a defect we will make sure to get you a replacement shirt in exchange.

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