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Invincible Amazon Review Invincible Amazon Review

Color Commentary

Chuck and Rashad give their review of the Amazon Prime comicbook cartoon Invincible. Is Invincible as good as everyone has hyped it up to...

Blerd Without Fear

Califia & The Timeless Sentries is a motion comic created by Keith L. Underwood. It focuses on the fictional character Khalifia who is a...

Blerd Without Fear

In Black Panther #24 by Ta-Nehisi Coates & Daniel Acuña shows exactly how bad-ass it could be if almost every Black superhero in the...


BlerdUp share's our thoughts on Zack Snyder's Justice League. BlerdUp also discusses the first episode of Falcon & The Winter Soldier!

Color Commentary

WandaVision Full Season Review Color Commentary gives their WandaVision full season review. Was WandaVision worth the wait? Did WandaVision live up to the hype?...

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