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Blerd Without Fear

How is the comics industry responding to the Covid-19 pandemic? Blerd Without Fear discusses the virus' impact on the comic book industry.

Blerd Without Fear

Is Erik Kollmonger actually dead? Is Killmonger brought back to life? Find out in this episode of Blerd Without Fear!

Blerd Without Fear

Are teenage superheroes legal in the Marvel Universe? What is the underaged superhuman welfare act?

Blerd Without Fear

Today we're gonna talk about Marvel's latest New Warriors characters and whether or not they are "too woke"! Some new movies coming to VOD...


In Carnivore #1 the government is attempting to hunt down a monstrous creature who they believe kidnapped an orphaned young man, only to discover...


Is the Boondocks anime? With the Boondocks returning for a season 5, we asked the question on our own IG a couple of months...


One of the coolest parts of Blerd is all of the amazing content creators we come in contact with.  There is always something interesting...

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