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nike bb 2.0 blerd kicks nike bb 2.0 blerd kicks


Back to the future shoes are almost here with the Nike Adapt BB 2.0, the predecessor to the Nike BB1.0. These self lacing shoes...


Elon Musk was spotted wearing some unusual sneakers by design RTFKT studios. Dope or nah?


The successor to Vine; Byte was released on January 24, 2020 (follow us Blerd) and was downloaded by 1.3 million users upon its first...


A brief look into some interesting advancements to our bio technology and a desire to integrate that into our current forces to dictate what...


With mobile gaming becoming the next big thing in the industry(Google Stadia, Microsoft's Project xCloud, Apple Arcade), the need for more elegant phones to...


The Tesla Cybertruck is ugly and a risky design. While the Tesla Cybertruck has an unappealing aesthetic, I still want one.


Can Google compete in the streaming wars ? Is Stadia is a name you need to be on the lookout for ? Google has...

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