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L L McKinney Talks About Writing Nubia L L McKinney Talks About Writing Nubia

Blerd Without Fear

In this special episode, the Blerd Without Fear is joined by writer L.L. McKinney to talk about her new comic Nubia: Real One.

Blerd Without Fear

In today's Blerd Without Fear video, we're going to be talking about the classic DC Comics character Nubia getting her first-ever solo comic series...


Jet with Blerd Gaming reacts to the new games and announcements from Nintendo Direct 2021. What is your favorite announcement from the recent Nintendo...


This Black History Month, HBO Max brings back the classic Static Shock animated series which tackled issues such as race, bullying, and friendships. To...


In response to the ridiculous trade, blerd favorite RDCWorld1 made a viral video of Lebron James reacting to the trade

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