Celebrating 5 Years Of Blerd

Celebrating 5 Years Of Blerd

Today marks the 5th year of Blerd! Blerd was formally started the day after my Dad’s birthday. He absolutely loved gadgets, watched X-Men while cutting me and my siblings hair, bought us video games constantly, and took us to the local comic book shop while he would shop at Big & Tall (now DXL). He even took me to my first major gaming tournament where I got all the way to an official Pokémon master, just to lose! My dad was one of our biggest supporters and in many ways the major catalyst in my own blerd journey growing up. Now what has started an idea and culture I grew up in has evolved into a fully functioning business!

Blerd Dad
Thanks for everything Dad!

The original marketing for Blerd was literally just me and Chris passing out stickers outside of conventions and on the street. Eventually people started recognizing the logo and were even putting the logo on their laptops and around their cities. We knew we started to have something when people recognized the brand even without us being present.

First Blerd Stickers
First set of Blerd.com stickers

Startups are tough and you never know how these things will turn out (especially when you start right before Covid!). Sometimes you are flourishing; sometimes your back is against the wall. People come and people go. At times, I have even wanted to quit, but I think about what my dad would say about it and press on. I will always be grateful for all of the opportunities afforded to me and the amazing individuals that have supported us throughout the years. Without Blerd, I wouldn’t have met most of the members of The Blerd Team and that alone was worth all of the risk and effort put forth throughout the years.

Original Blerd Logo
Original Blerd Logo

One of the best parts of Blerd is that we are still 100% owned and operated by us. We can put out content when and how we like in an authentic way, which I think has contributed to our success (and truthfully, sometimes to our detriment when we have gotten off course) and resonated with our audience. Being small, nimble, and able to pivot quickly has been an asset for our own company as well as our partners.

Blerd Original About Us Page
Original About-Us Page

As we continue our journey, Blerd will be increasing its efforts into creating original brands and IP, expanding our marketing services client base, building stronger Black nerd communities, and invest in other upcoming brands that fit our model and PIQ values of positivity, inclusion, and quality.

Thank you for all of the years and for more to come!

-Terril Fields

Blerd: A Brief History

Origins and Mission

Blerd, founded in 2019, emerged from the recognition of a significant cultural gap. While Black nerds loved many of the media properties, apparel, and conventions in the nerd space, authentic and quality representation was lacking. Blerd was formed to solve this problem. As a media company and streetwear brand, Blerd was established by Black nerds to celebrate and uplift Black nerd culture. Blerd has been dedicated to providing authenticity in its content and connecting with a diverse, multicultural market of millennials and Gen Z.

Growth and Expansion

Over the past five years, Blerd has grown from a small startup to a prominent voice within the Black nerd community. Blerd offers the highest quality apparel featuring Black characters and faces in nerdom. From content and apparel, Blerd expanded its offerings to include a variety of services such as brand strategy, multicultural marketing, influencer and content strategy, video game and anime marketing, convention and event marketing, and diversity and inclusion initiatives.

Community Engagement

One of Blerd’s core strengths lies in its community engagement. Through platforms like Blerd.com, The Blerd Shop, Blerd Gaming, Blerd Kicks, Blerd Beats, and Blerd Sports, and various Facebook groups, and multiple activations at nerd conventions, the company has fostered a vibrant community of like-minded individuals who share a passion for nerd culture. This community-centric approach has been instrumental in Blerd’s success, providing a space for Black nerds to connect, share, and celebrate their interests.

Future Directions

Blerd Camo History 2
Blerd Camo inspiration

Creating Original Brands and IP

Looking ahead, Blerd is committed to creating original brands and intellectual properties. This effort aims to provide fresh, unique content that reflects the diversity and creativity of the Black nerd community. Character art on Blerd merchandise has historically been created by various artists in the Black nerd community, which Blerd believes has been instrumental in the success of the merchandise side of the company.

Building Stronger Communities

Blerd plans to enhance its community-building efforts by creating more inclusive and engaging platforms. By fostering stronger Black nerd communities, Blerd hopes to continue providing a space where everyone feels welcome and valued. The company will continue to invest in artists, events, and experiences to foster growth in the space.

Brianna Blerd Love
Brianna – Blerd’s Positivity Tenant Holder

Investing in Upcoming Brands

Blerd also intends to invest in other upcoming brands that align with its values of positivity, inclusion, and quality. This investment will help nurture new talent and ideas, contributing to the broader nerd culture landscape.

Blerd Business Community Featured Image
Blerd Camo inspiration


As Blerd celebrates its fifth anniversary, it’s clear that the journey has been filled with challenges and triumphs. The company’s unwavering commitment to authenticity, community, and inclusion has not only driven its success but also created a lasting impact on the Black nerd community. Here’s to many more years of Blerd, where passion and community continue to thrive.

CEO & Founder // Blerds out about: Video Games, Tech, Anime & Sneakers // He has a B.A. in Sociology with a minor in Social & Economic Justice from the University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill

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