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Charlotte Black Lives Matter Street Mural

Video credit Itzjustalex_2

Among all the civil unrest the country is going upon at the current moment and the affairs that are ensuing a rose is growing out of concrete in Charlotte. Yes i know there are other murals across the country; for example the two block long Black Lives Matter street mural leading to the white house in Washington D.C. and many confederated named streets being renamed to Black Lives Matter way. For me this one is special, because not only is it in my hometown of Charlotte but it has given many different local artist each individual platforms to express them selves in the mural.

Artist by Letter:

1 Black 1

B – @dammit_wesley

L- @dakotahaiyanna & @dutchessofink

A @artbyabel& @shin.tytsumaki & @dutchessofink

C @artbyabel

K @2gzandcountin

1 Lives 1

L @owl.clt & @arko.clt

I @thekylemosher & @tragiczack

V @fk.creative & @lovoniaparks

E @kmuiii

S @marcus_kiser & @jason_woodberry

1 Matter 1

M @gardenofjourney

A @matthewclayburn

T @frankie.zombie_

T @chdwckart

E @jagolactus_

R @daricalam

Photo Credit @thecreativegent_

All information on how to contact the artist along with quotes on they symbolism behind each works of art can be found on @cltiscreative live article on Charlotte’s street mural

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