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You’ve got questions and we’ve got answers! Here are some Blerd frequently asked questions:

What is a Blerd? Blerd simply means black nerd. Blerd is simply shorthand for black nerd (black + nerd = blerd).  Blerd describes people of color who enjoy things nerdy and geek regardless of gender, skin tone, sexuality, etc.  The term became popular during 2006 when Donald Faison aka Turk stated he was a blerd in season 6, episode 2 of Scrubs titled “My Best Friend’s Baby’s Baby and My Baby’s Baby.” 

Quite simply, blerds were not traditionally shown in the media and have had little representation in pop culture.  Not only that, but when the intersection of African American and nerd culture come together, sometimes we see or describe things a bit differently.  Blerds tend to add their own bit of flavor to the mix when talking about all things nerdy.  Gatekeeping can also be an issue in the nerd community, which we are against. 

There are a bunch of blerd communities out there that will make you feel welcome! Our community consists of gamers, tech geeks, anime lovers, cosplayers, cinephiliacs and comic book aficionados from all over the world.  The Blerd community is inclusive and has members of all different age ranges, genders, sexualities, disability status, etc.

See the below pages for Blerd resources and events to find other blerds.


What is a blerd and what does blerd mean?

Blerd Discord Community

Blerd Events Directory


Simply shoot us an email at [email protected].  You can also fill out a form on our contact page.


We only feature content that adheres to our PIQ (Positivity, Inclusion, Quality) values which is determined by the Blerd Team.  It does take us time to review content, so please be patient with us if your video, podcast, comic, artwork, etc to be featured on our site.  We generally try to at least respond within 48 hours of submission.  


For comic, graphic novels, and games we do require either digital or physical copies to be sent to us.  


For convention reviews, we do require media passes and accommodations depending on the location. 


We will give our honest opinion on anything reviewed on our site as we respect our audience. and the Blerd™ trademark are the properties of Blerd, LLC founded in North Carolina.  We are a national (and even international!) team of amazing blerd content creators!  We are proud blerds that have varying interests in gaming, movies, anime, technology, reading, and more.  If you have a nerdy interest, there is a good chance you can relate to one of the Blerd team members.  To learn more about the Blerd Team Click Here

Blerd loves to collaborate with other outlets and can often accommodate requests for guest posts or podcasts.  We are a remote team, so in person appearances will be subject to availability and accommodations offered.  

blerd guarantee

How long does shipping take?


We are a small shop, so we print orders as they come in.  We usually try to have your order fulfilled within a week and shipped out in a couple of days.  If you need an order rushed please email us at [email protected] and we will try to do our best. 


Returns, exchanges, and Refunds:


Blerd wants you to be happy with your purchase, so if you do not love it, we will offer you a refund or exchange without any questions asked.  Customers are responsible for return shipping costs to our facility.

Blerd is a business, so we do have to make at least some money to keep the doors open. 


However, we do have opportunities for free merch:



  • We often run contests and giveaways on our Instagram account.  You do follow us right?


  • Catch us at a featured event.  Team members sometimes have Blerd shirts to give out and we almost always have laptop stickers. 


  • Audience participation at panels can often net you some surprise Blerd merch.  

Blerd offers a variety of services to our corporate clients including:


  • Social media posts and original content creation


  • Sponsored posts, ad space, and native editorial


  • Featured event space and affiliate marketing


  • Diversity and Inclusion initiatives


  • Email marketing & digital design services


  • Podcast commercials


For more information about hiring Blerd for services, please visit our advertising page here

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