dc fandome recap

DC FanDome Recap – What you Want To Know

DC FanDome Recap

DC FanDome was an all day event Saturday…but here is a quick recap for the TL;DR crowd:

The Batman Actually Looks Ok

Gotham Knights

Keeping it with Batman again, a trailer for the new Gotham Knights game was released…and now Batman is dead! Warner Bros has done a great job with the licensing of DC characters in video games the past few years (The Arkham series and Injustice), and Gotham Knights looks to keep up the high quality. Gamers will get to play as Robin, Nightwing, Red Hood, and Batgirl bringing some variety to Gotham crime fighting.

Justice League Snyder Cut

A new trailer for the highly anticipated Justice League Snyder Cut was released. The movie will be 4 hours long…so luckily this one is dropping via HBO Max so you can take a bathroom break.

Wonder Woman 1984 Trailer

Honestly, the trailer for Wonder Woman 1984 had me a bit more excited than rewatching Justice League. The first Wonder Woman movie is probably one of the best superhero movies created and I will stand behind that.

Suicide Squad Has A Lot Of Characters

…And a New Game

The Rock…Dwayne Johnson is Black Adam

It only makes sense to have one of the most bankable actors play the beloved Anti-Hero Black Adam. Will he drop the peoples elbow along with the lighting bolts? Non-related, The Rock also bought the XFL this weekend.

Milestone Comics is Back!


It wouldn’t be a Blerd website without this mention at the end. The legacy of Dwayne McDuffie lives on with Milestone returning; most notably the creators of Static Shock, Icon, Rocket, and Hardware. Dc will return the comics to publishing in February of 2021 and will be releasing a primer for comic fans unfamiliar with the characters and universe along with a new Static Shock digital comic series.

And that is the quick Blerd.com DC Fandom Recap. What did I miss and what were your favorite things announced? Let us know in the comments below or on our socials.

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