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We are thrilled to unveil a spellbinding episode of The Then & Now Podcast that comic book lovers and novices alike won’t want to miss. In this special installment, our esteemed hosts, Captain Diesel, King of the Comics Ethan Murphy, and the eclectic Lelouch_Vi, team up with the phenomenal @BlerdWithoutFear for a discussion filled with excitement, insight, and laughter.

A Deep Dive into Deadpool 3

Gear up for an in-depth exploration of Deadpool 3, one of the most eagerly awaited films in the superhero genre. This isn’t just any conversation; it’s an all-encompassing look at the latest buzz, fan theories, and potential plot twists surrounding the film. Discover what makes Deadpool’s humor uniquely captivating and delve into the narrative possibilities that could redefine superhero cinema.

Broadening the Horizon

But the journey doesn’t stop with Deadpool. Our hosts expand the dialogue to encompass the evolution of comic book storytelling and the paramount importance of diverse representation within the industry. This dynamic conversation is designed to enlighten, entertain, and engage audiences, from seasoned comic book enthusiasts to those new to the superhero realm.

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Don’t miss out on this captivating episode of The Then & Now Podcast. Join Captain Diesel, Ethan Murphy, and Lelouch_Vi as they navigate the thrilling world of Deadpool 3 and beyond. Share your thoughts and join our community with hashtags #Deadpool3 #Comics #Marvel #MCU #TheThenAndNowPodcast #TheBlerdWithoutFear #Superheroes #comicbooks.

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Embark on this remarkable journey with Captain Diesel, Ethan Murphy, and Lelouch_Vi on The Then & Now Podcast. Dive into the comic universe like never before, celebrate the culture, engage in the discussions, and support the community that unites us all. Tune in, connect, shop, and grow with us at

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