Delicious in Dungeon Out Now On Netflix

Delicious in Dungeon Out Now on Netflix!

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Article by: Keith Stanley

If you’re looking for another anime to add to your weekly binge, Netflix has you covered with Delicious in Dungeon. This anime is an adaptation of the manga Dungeon Meshi written by Ryoko Kui. With Studio Trigger behind the animation, you can expect to sit back and enjoy the unique retroesque style they are known for. 

Prepare yourself for slight spoilers. 

The first episode is only 15 minutes long but jam-packed with info. We meet the main cast as they are in the heat of battle (quite literally.)Moments later, their objective is revealed. Save the girl and turn dungeon food gourmet in the process. Between the subtle comedy elements and 

fantasy food being prepared and served up. This feel-good seinen knows the recipe for success. 

image 1

As mentioned above, there is only one episode out, so binge-watchers beware. 


If you can’t wait weekly, you can find the first volume by following this link! 

< Order up > 

That’s all from me. If you’re new to this anime style like me, I’d recommend you give it a shot. You just might like it.

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