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Dream Hustle Code is Revolutionizing Tech for Underrepresented Youth

Dream Hustle Code is Revolutionizing Tech for Underrepresented Youth

Dream Hustle Code
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For Ian Michael Brock, inclusion in the tech space is a top priority. If you can see it, you can be it!

At age 8, a video of Chris Bosh inspired him to pursue his coding journey. Almost a decade later, his organization – Dream Hustle Code – has touched thousands of lives of kids who look like him but had previously lacked access to tech opportunities.

Ian has been fortunate enough to have mentors to guide him along the way and credits much of his success to the network that he’s built. In an interview with Oprah Winfrey, the acclaimed producer/author/philanthropist shared this nugget of wisdom:

The work that you do is not about you. You are just one piece of the puzzle of the greater universe.

Ian Michael Brock

These words are lived through the mission and vision of Dream Hustle Code, led by Ian’s strong determination to help others. They understand the type of innovation that is needed to foster meaningful change and have created a strong brand identity to inspire Black and Brown youth.

Teen Tech Live 2.0

Ian and his team have hosted several events where they reinforce the importance of having an entrepreneurial mindset while building technology to advance their communities. Most recently, Teen Tech Live 2.0 featured speakers including Kyrie Irving as well as representatives from Microsoft, Amazon, and McDonald’s.

Looking to the future, Ian expects to plan for even larger events, both virtual and in-person, on his way to establishing a center in every city that teaches necessary coding skills. Personally, he’d like to get into real estate and investing in the future, with an emphasis on passing his knowledge to others. 

Ian Michael Brock of Dream Hustle Code

Now 17, Ian is one of the bright stars of the future of technology, with impressive determination, resolve, and discipline. As the Chicago-based organization continues to grow, you can keep up to date with updates on their website.

The full interview is available on the Two Average Gamers website, where they are building a community free of toxicity. You’ll also find gaming news, tips, guides, and gaming merchandise!

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  • February 2, 2022

    Ian is doing great work, keep it up team!! ??

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