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Factions: Battlegrounds – Representation Matters In Gaming


Factions: Battlegrounds, a multiplayer fantasy combat board game representing diverse cultures and mythologies, was created by life-long best friends from Milwaukee, Peter Ferry and Jason Crayton. The game will launch on Kickstarter.com on Nov. 10.

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“We are pursuing our dream of developing a fantasy game that emphasizes cultures and
diversity,” Ferry says. The game is based on sketches done by Ferry and Crayton when they
were in the fifth grade and has grown to be their passion project. Crayton commissioned
several of his former art students along with artists from Brazil to Kenya to bring the game’s
visuals and designs to life.

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“Our goal with Factions: Battlegrounds is to open the gate to tabletop gaming through
representation within our team and in our game. Giving young artists and designers their first
opportunity to represent change like this makes the experience even better,” says Crayton.

“It’s more than a fun game, it’s a chance for people of color like myself to be represented in
fantasy games for the first time,” says Brianna Cole, one of the Factions: Battlegrounds artists. “For kids to see themselves and resonate with it is something powerful.”

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The mission of Factions: Battlegrounds is to create a representation in the tabletop industry
that goes beyond the creators of the game. The tabletop industry is less than 11% women and people of color. Giving diverse voices a platform to be heard is something both Ferry, Crayton and their team are passionate about. “We want to expose people to the richness of
underrepresented cultures and mythologies through the Factions: Battlegrounds world we have created,” says Crayton.

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Faction: Battlegrounds key features:

  • Tile laying to build the battleground creates a game within the game.
  • Rank Systems keep all players engaged as they alternate moving like a game of chess.
  • A risk and reward scoring system ensures that powerful cards don’t create easy victories.
  • Each Faction have unique abilities that fit their strategies.
  • There is no deck and very little dice rolling, so victory is determined by the player, not luck.

Check out Factions: Battlegrounds at Kickstarter.com on Nov. 10, or sign up at

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