Fendi x Fragment x Pokemon Collection Collaboration Blerd Cover Photo

Fendi x Fragment x Pokémon Collection Collaboration

Pokémon is by far one of my favorite fandoms and this year we have been treated to high end luxury Pokémon gear. The basic graphic tees of years past have been cool (even great with the Pokemon x Bape collaboration), but the elevated luxury pieces hit a bit harder. Get ready to level up your style again because the luxury fashion world just dropped a Poké Ball full of surprises. Fendi, in collaboration with Hiroshi Fujiwara’s Fragment and the iconic Pokémon franchise, is bringing a fresh twist to luxury fashion. This isn’t just a collection; it’s a cultural crossover that’s set to redefine the boundaries between high fashion and our beloved pop culture. Apparel, accessories, and event luxury digital good for Pokémon are a part of this collection:

Fendi x Fragment x Pokemon Collection Collaboration Bag Dragonite Plushie 3

The Dragonite of Fashion Takes Flight

2024 is the Year of the Dragon, and what better way to celebrate than with Dragonite, Dragonair, and Dratini stealing the fashion spotlight? Normally you see Pokémon like Pikachu (of course), Eevee, and the starters (Squirtle, Bulbasaur, Charmander) as the leaders of collab pieces, so its refreshing to see less commonly used Pokémon get some shine. Fendi, known for its exquisite craftsmanship, has teamed up with Fragment’s streetwear genius, Hiroshi Fujiwara, and the ever-popular Pokémon to create a collection that’s nothing short of legendary. hese characters are beautifully integrated into Fendi’s classic designs, with the FF jacquard logo getting a fresh, vibrant yellow makeover.

More Than Just Fashion

Beyond the bags and apparel, this collection includes small leather goods, key charms, brass jewelry, and even a meticulously crafted Dragonite figure that’s a testament to Fendi’s leather artisanship. And for the digital age, there’s a range of cross-branded digital collectibles for Pokémon GO. Personally, I think the Dragonite plushie is the best item out of the collection and something extremely unique that the collaboration has done. If I could only pick one item, that is what I would go for.

Fendi x Fragment x Pokemon Pokemon Go Avatars

A Cultural Crossover Like No Other

Like the Tiffany Pokémon collection that released earlier this year…many would ask who is this even made for? The collection is going to be on the more expensive side and cater to those that grew up with Pokémon and now have the disposable income to afford higher quality fan pieces…or those willing to burn through some credit card debt. This collaboration is more than just a fashion statement; it’s a cultural crossover that speaks to fans of luxury fashion, streetwear enthusiasts, and Pokémon lovers. It’s a blend of tradition and modernity, a meeting of worlds that at first glance might not seem to intersect.

Get Ready to Catch ‘Em All

Mark your calendars for January 4, 2024, because that’s when this groundbreaking collection hits Fendi boutiques and online. Prices are still under wraps, but let’s be real – you know its going to be pricey!

So, whether you’re a fashionista, a streetwear aficionado, or a Pokémon master, this collection is definitely something to put on your radar. Will you be catching them all in style with this Fendi x Fragment x Pokémon collection? Let us know on our social media @blerdofficial.

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