Fighting Words EP3: Kiera Please

Episode 3 of “Fighting Words” with Kiera Please: A Deep Dive into Black Nerd Culture on Fantastic Frankey’s YouTube

Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of black nerd culture with Episode 3 of Fantastic Frankey’s official podcast, “Fighting Words,” featuring the transformative journey of Kiera Please. This episode goes beyond the surface to explore identity, creativity, and the dynamic shifts within the nerd community, particularly highlighting the influence and evolution of black voices in cosplay and beyond.

Kiera Please: From Tumblr to a Beacon of Change

In this compelling episode, Kiera Please recounts her path from being a singular black alternative voice on Tumblr to becoming a pivotal figure in promoting diversity within the nerd and cosplay communities. Her story is a vivid illustration of how embracing one’s unique identity can lead to broader acceptance and inclusion, making this episode a must-watch for anyone passionate about the progression of black nerd culture.

Navigating Criticism and Fostering Community

Through candid discussions, Kiera Please sheds light on the challenges of criticism and the power of community support in the nerd space. “Fighting Words” Episode 3 is a testament to resilience, the importance of constructive dialogue, and the collective strength that comes from diverse voices coming together to share their experiences and insights.

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Host of Fantastic Frankey // Blerds out about: comics, anime, sci-fi, fantasy, and pop culture.

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