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Sun is down, Freezin’ cold; That’s how we already know, Winter’s here. Winter may not be here but the Fortnite record holder is. Travis set an all-time concurrent player record with 12.3 million players for the debut of the visual concert, beating out Marshmello who had 10.7 million. Three more encores of the event will take place to boost how many people will view this event from April 23rd-25th. With an addition 3 million people watching on Youtube, Twitch and Mixer roughly around 15 million people watched the event.

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The visually stunning concert included songs, Sicko Mode, Stargazing, Goosebumps, Highest In the room and previously unreleased The Scotts ft Kid Cudi. At Midnight Travis released the full version of The Scotts as well as Travis Scott’s Astronomical Set list on Apple Music that included all songs from the concert in full version.

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Before and after the concert Travis took to Instagram live to talk to his fans, gauge reactions and to enjoy it himself. He exclaimed that the event was “Crazy as F*ck”. As an added bonus for the Travis Scott collectors, as soon the concert was over on he released a ton of merchandise for the event including Fortnite x Cactus Jack (Travis’s alias) clothing, a Nerf elite dart blaster, and Duo 12′ Action Figures. Following the performance Travis took to Twitter with this heartfelt message:

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If you would like to view the concert take a look for yourself. Let us know what you think about it. Will visual concerts be the new norm for social distance? Feel free to leave a message. All Fortnite game-play and footage comes from Epic Studios.

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