gbx black 2020

GBX Black 2020 – Geek Virtual Music Festival

Richie Branson, Sammus and Mega Ran Anchor Nerdcore Takeover as Goboiano Announces Line-up for Geek Virtual Music Festival GBX Black 

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GBX Black Artist Lineup

Anime culture lifestyle site Goboiano announced the newest addition to its GBX folder of events, GBX Black. The event headlined by Nerdcore artists Richie Branson, Sammus and Mega Ran is scheduled to take place Saturday, September 5th on Twitch. 

Hosted by acclaimed cosplayer and influencer Kiera Please, the virtual music festival will be a celebration of the African diaspora’s contribution to geek culture, featuring multiple recording artists and personalities in the geek space. The event brings geek creatives and friends together in support of global initiatives addressing racism, including inside the geek community, and encourages attendees to take part in upcoming elections. Donations will be encouraged for Color of Change and When We All Vote.

GBX Black is a party where our voices come through loud and clear. I sing about anime in Dominican Spanglish, because it’s who I am. I was raised by Dominican, American, and Japanese media, so why wouldn’t I combine all these threads that make me who I am? Being a geek and being a BIPOC Latinx from the Caribbean is my identity, no one can take that from me.


I grew up with Star Wars and Sailor Moon. I listened to J-Rock and bachata. I make music and write and do everything I do so that anyone who looks and talks like me can feel confident carving a space for themselves in Geek culture. Being geek belongs to all of us and we all belong here.

Cristal Marie

The love flowing from the Blerd community is IMMENSE! I think that at times many find themselves drowning in a room/space/world that lacks representation as a whole. When it’s hard to see ourselves IN it, how can we bring the best OUT of it? Events like these are priceless. They keep the love flowing and the inspiration high. THIS, is a MUST.

Javier Starks

Black and nerd were almost oxymoronic for me growing up, especially in culture and aesthetic. Identifying with both communities exclusively called for plenty of worldwide web addicted late nights at its best but dangerously lacked inclusive representation at its worst.


I eventually found myself enjoying the taboo spaces in which the two overlapped in music. Many of those sounds and references can be heard in my own tracks.


GBX Black is moving the needle on that lack of space for black nerds and our relevant representation. I am extremely honored to participate in GBX Black as it adds yet another layer to the significance of inclusivity when valuing black lives

Tiny Jag

I think an event like this is extremely important and well needed, especially around this time of heightened awareness of the injustice going on in the black community. It’s highlighting not only how diverse our community is, but strong we are as a people.

When I was asked about doing this event I didn’t think twice about it. It’s important for the younger culture to see themselves in whatever it is that they gravitate towards. This is an awesome event for doing that. This also extremely important and in terms of the election

I hope not only do we raise awareness, but also the funds to truly create change

artist no icon GBX Black

Artists Scheduled to Perform at GBX Black

  • Bayli
  • Blackkrystel
  • Bunnymightgameu
  • Cristal Marie
  • Eye Q
  • Gerra Krysteen
  • Juice
  • Javier Starks
  • Kadesh Flow
  • Kiera Please
  • Marco B
  • Mega Ran
  • Nai Br.XX
  • Nala Uzumaki
  • Panama Jane
  • Richie Branson
  • Rittybo
  • Sammus
  • Stephanie Gayle
  • Tiny Jag
  • Young God Blow

Brands like Afropunk, InsertCoin, Crunchyroll, Noir Caesar, OS, Adorned by Chi and GKids helped to bring this unique virtual experience to attendees. 

GBX Black takes place on September 5th at 3pm on Twitch 


Color of Change

Color of Change design campaigns powerful enough to end practices that unfairly hold Black people back, and champion solutions that move us all forward. Until justice is real.

When We All Vote

When we all Vote is a non-profit, nonpartisan organization that is on a mission to increase participation in every election and close the race and age voting gap by changing the culture around voting, harnessing grassroots energy, and through strategic partnerships to reach every American.


The GBX Experience is a growing music festival that sits at the intersection of geek and music culture.  The Flagship event features anime, video game and nerdcore music remixed into electronic dance music complemented with interactive visual performances. 


Conceived by Maj Mack, son of Grammy Award winning producer K-Mack of the Soul Diggaz, GoBoiano is a media company focused on connecting the global Anime community. Our mission is to build memorable experiences that help bring Anime culture to the world. GoBoiano’s online community provides a centralized network to connect with the Anime community, discover Anime culture, and distribute original Anime content around the world.

Hashtag: #GoBoiano

For more Blerd events – check out our event page here.

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