GTA 6 Florida Man Trailer A WILD Ride


GTA 6 2025

The Highgly Anitcipated GTA 6 trailer has released giving us a launch date for 2025. At first glance the graphics don’t do much to impress. If anything they may be a bit underwhelming. That won’t stop the fans from lining up in droves to get it when a more concrete date is set.

The Trailer is cinematic in nature giving a a tidbit of what to expect from the story. From the appearance the location bares strong resemblance to Miami Florida. There is an Easter Egg to possibly tie in this game to the popular Grand Theft Auto Vice City as the Vice sign is clearly shown.


There is still much to be revealed about the greater story and inevitable online play. With the game being one of the most expensive game to make to date with a massive $250M budget they have a ways to go gain a return on investment, but the hype for this title may somehow be higher than the budget so we’ll see this final result.

GTA 6 is sure to be a wild ride. The trailer appears to dive deep into the ‘Florida Man’ trope with a wild array of scenery and even wilder scenarios.

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