Guardians Betrayals and High Tech Heists A Dive into Terminus Veil

Terminus Veil: Guardians, Betrayals, and High-Tech Heists

*Editors Note – Clash Digital Publishing, the creators of Terminus Veil, are a client of Blerd, LLC and this is a sponsored article. However, Blerd, LLC maintains journalistic integrity and would not promote a property the team did not think was high quality.*

Terminus Veil is an indie action mystery comic about a private security firm called Guardians International which is working to stop robberies of futurist weapons and technology. An evil scientist (when are they not evil?) named Dr. Edward Clarence is behind the scenes causing chaos and the Guardians must stop him! Terminus Veil first got on my radar at MomoCon 2023 while walking through the vendor hall. One of my favorite things about going to conventions is finding and learning about new comics being worked on. The cover art to issue #2 immediately caught my eye and I got to speak briefly with the creator Jack Harris before buying all of the issues. This review is of the first 3 issues which are currently available on the Terminus Veil Kickstarter.

Terminus Veil #2 Cover Art

Synopsis of Terminus Veil

Set in an imaginative, futuristic realm, ‘Terminus Veil’ intricately weaves the saga of Guardians International, a resilient group pitted against the cunning Dr. Edward Clarence, whose unyielding pursuit to commandeer high-tech weaponry and advanced technology threatens to unravel the fabric of their world. The team is tasked with defending their clients’ assets, all while deciphering the identity of the elusive thieves after their high-tech equipment. Given its sophisticated character dialogues, mature themes, and graphic depictions of violence, ‘Terminus Veil’ is tailored towards an adult audience, establishing itself as a more mature graphic novel.

Blerd asked the creator Jack Harris why creating Terminus Veil was important to them:

image 5

“So much of me is poured into Terminus Veil.  I’ve been developing this project for over a decade now and to finally share it with world is an incredible feeling.”

Jack Harris – Creator of Terminus Veil

Storytelling and Writing in Terminus Veil

Terminus Veil Volume #1 Artwork
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“Terminus Veil’ is a breath of fresh air for those craving immediate action. It wastes no time, diving straight into the thrilling parts before gradually unfolding character development—an approach I, with my admittedly limited attention span, genuinely appreciate.

In the first issue, an unidentified enemy instantly puts Guardian’s International team on high alert. They manage to repel the assault, yet not without cost. The initial assumption is that the assailants aimed for the assets they were safeguarding for their client. However, this assumption is quickly dispelled as it seems like nothing was stolen. The lingering question is—how did the attackers pinpoint the team’s route? The narrative leaves us hanging, but in such situations, one thing is almost always certain: there’s a traitor in the midst!

Broadly, the story brings to mind a contemporary interpretation of ‘G.I. Joe’, particularly given the diverse cast of characters each with their unique skill sets. However, instead of warding off vast global threats, the Guardian International team is primarily tasked with securing their clients’ wealth—a mission that resonates more accurately with today’s world.”

The Artwork of Terminus Veil

Terminus Veil Volume 1 is a trade paperback that includes issues 1 through 4. The artwork is in more of the American action style that I grew up with and can appreciate.

Artists that worked on Terminus Veil Chapter 1 include:

  • Line Artists: Jordan Gunderson, Delio Diaz, Scott Oakley and Juliano Silva
  • Colorists: Yuliia Shetsova, Frank Alpizar, Daniele Caramanico and Scott Oakley
  • Inker: Debra “Bee” Rohlfs
  • Letterer: Boknoy Buhisan
Terminus Veil Boxing Panel
Terminus Veil Art Team
Terminus Veil Volume 1 Art Team

Character Analysis in Terminus Veil

image 3

“‘Terminus Veil’ presents an array of characters who interact with unabashed honesty, mimicking the real-life banter and camaraderie typical amongst adults thrust into relentless high-stakes scenarios. It hints at the creators’ firsthand experience with the dynamics of a military unit or sports team. Trust forms the backbone of their bond—an invaluable asset, but could it also become their Achilles’ heel?

Amy stands out with her biting sarcasm, closely followed by Badia, my second favorite character. ‘Terminus Veil’ commendably steers clear of the “Damsel in Distress” cliché; its female characters are portrayed as competent and formidable. Badia’s entry into the sparring ring with Yedo immediately telegraphs her prowess. The CEO at Dynamic, another significant female character, seems to be more astute than initially suggested. While Dr. Clarence believes he has her fooled, I am not entirely convinced that she’s in the dark about his plans.

The narrative seems primarily to follow Dash Kalen, the team’s latest recruit. He frequently features in training sessions, serving as a conduit to acquaint us with the rest of the team’s personalities. Despite being the rookie, Dash demonstrates commendable competence and intellectual prowess, suggesting that he might evolve into the most skillfully versatile character in the series.”

image 4

Audience Perspective: Who Will Love Terminus Veil?

I see Terminus Veil appealing to more of a millennial audience where they are old enough to remember and grow up with classics like X-Men, Ghost in A Shell, and G.I. Joe, but young enough to appreciate the technological aspects of the comic. The nostalgic art style further enhances this connection for millennials—a fitting alignment, given the comic’s mature themes.”

Conclusion: The Lasting Appeal of Terminus Veil

Terminus Veil was a quick and entertaining read for me. I enjoyed the fact that it got straight to the action and introduced the characters without overly putting any of them in a box. The art style gave me nostalgia and I really liked how the plot was building out to some massive betrayal. I will have to continue to check out future issues to see how that all plays out. If you want to support Terminus Veil please check out the Kickstarter here.

Terminus Veil IG Story 5

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