Indie Comics – Alexis Wyle

Indie Comics – Alexis Wyle


This months indie comic is Alexis Wyle by Jamie McAfee and illustrated by Marc Rene. Jamie was kind enough to send over the first issue for us to check out. Alexis Wyle is a dystopian action adventure story featuring a Black woman lead with a bit of a steampunk aesthetic to it. So what is the story about?

Alexis Wyle 1

Comic Overview

The world of Alexis Wyle opens with us learning that some sort of being called Rapsidous caused an apocalyptic event that caused society to drastically reshape. Beings that are oppressing humanity in this new world are monitoring and forcing humans into curfew. Alexis is part of a group called Infinity-X that is trying to fight back against them. We don’t get too much detail of Alexis’ powers in this first issue, but we do know that she is fierce in combat.

Alexis Wyle 2

Art and Style

I really enjoyed the art style of Alexis Wyle. It is a bit unique than most comics I have read lately; in particular the way that texture is used on the characters clothing and in the environment. The contrast of the darker colors to set the dystopian stage against the brighter colors to signify when action is happening is a nice touch as well.

Alexis Wyle 3 Author Jamie McAfee

This book is a 13 year dream so I look forward to finally being able to share her with the world.

Jamie McAfee – Author of Alexis Wyle

Cultural Impact and Representation

We could always use more Black women as superheroes here at Blerd, especially when they are main characters. I enjoyed that Alexis was introduced as gentle and human at the beginning but quickly shifts to being tough also just a few panels into the story. As a girl dad, I am appreciative of creators making content with dynamic characters that look like her.

Alexis Wyle 4

Writing and Narrative

From more of a meta perspective, I think the timing of the release is especially interesting. With the rapid adoption and acceleration of AI tech in our real world, maybe this story is a metaphor of the future that may come if we don’t regulate technology enough. Alexis states “it’s funny how just a few years can change so much” and “a new beginning…to a world none of us ever wanted.” We are becoming increasingly detached and monitored just like the citizens in Alexis Wyle. Will we get to the point of needing a hard reset ourselves? I could have also just misinterpreted the author’s intentions there as well.


Alexis Wyle 5

As I read through the story, I was not 100% sure if these events were actually happening, or if this is something in the main characters mind. It will be interesting to see hold the rest of the story unfolds. If you want to support this indie comic make sure to visit the Alex Wyle website and follow on IG at @awcomic.

If you read Alexis Wyle make sure to let us know what you think on our social media @blerdofficial.

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