Indie Comics - Harlem's Renaissance & The Ballad of The Black Rose Previews Cover Image

Indie Comics – Harlem’s Renaissance & The Ballad of The Black Rose Previews

Indie Comics - Harlem's Renaissance & The Ballad of The Black Rose Previews

This month’s Indie comic is more of a preview of a double feature! These titles are brought to you by Morgan Iverson and Danny J Quick (you may know him from AceBlade). Let’s start with Harlem’s Renaissance first!

Harlem’s Renaissance Preview

Harlem's Renaissance Preview

Harlem’s Rennaissance is a supernatural superhero thriller about a woman names Harlem who finds herself resurrected with a blurry memory and her family’s bodies burnt to a crisp next to her. The police are outside her building, and of course, it doesn’t look good. She hops out a window and runs through an alleyway to escape. Agents are trying to capture her when she quickly learns that she has superpowers and…punches through them with flaming fists. She then proceeds to pick up a car and throw it at them. I love the “oh shit” look on the agents’ faces in the last frame of the preview. I always like when stories get right to the point of the action. One notable thing from Harlem’s Renaissance that I noticed is how great the expressions are drawn on Harlem’s and the other characters’ faces in each of the panels.

The Ballad of The Black Rose Preview

The Ballad of The Black Rose is a western featuring Black characters. It immediately reminded me of the movie “The Harder They Fall”. The story is based in the late 1800’s in Nevada and features the Rose family. They are trying to escape their past and their daughter Primrose has some sore of mystical power and connection to a creature. The cover shows Primrose with glowing purple eyes and drawn to a blossoming flower, but we don’t know why yet. There is a conflict in the town with Primrose’s father (maybe?) involved before the preview ends.

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As a new girl-dad, it delights me to see more Black female-led comic-book stories. At the time of this article, the Kickstarter goal for this project is already backed! If you want to support even more the Kickstarter link is here. I look forward to reading the rest of these stories and have my cowboy hat ready:

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