hazard - ground zero

Indie Comics: Hazard – Ground Zero

The team at Hazard Manga sent over this super dope indie comic, so we didn’t want to wait until next month to share it with you. Hazard details the story of young Accra whose life is hit by tragedy which causes him to uncover mysteries about secret organizations, supernatural forces, and one very powerful lie.

Hazard Manga 1

The team behind the Hazard Manga is a diverse BIPOC team of writers and artist who are passionate about telling the story of young Accra Hazard; a genius Black prodigy from Brooklyn.

Hazard Manga 2
Hazard Manga 3

Our objective is to truly connect with the audience around a meaningful story featuring diverse leadership, growth and rolemodels.

Team Hazard

The art (by Reza Aribuwana) in Hazard was great and I especially appreciated the attention to detail in the hair and the style of dress of the characters. The hair doesn’t look weird and the main characters style of dress seems realistic. I won’t spoil anymore details as I have already shown a few panels in this post, so check out the first issue of Hazard – Ground Zero on Webtoons.

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