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Indie Comics – Legend of Althea

Legend of Althea is a webcomic about a girl names Althea who undergoes an artificial heart transplant and gains the ability to heal people, however this comes at a cost…

Althea is very close to her father which is consistently shown throughout the story. One of the best parts of Legend of Althea is the positive image of the father who is willing to go the extra mile for the health of his daughter.

Legend of Althea 4
Legend of Althea 3 1

Legend of Althea is written by Royce Adkins of RocYe Productions with art by Aleksandra Tot-Bulajic. Royce also hosts the Blerd Empire podcast along with his father Sinbad.

Royce Adkins

My goal is to create a fun, layered, and diverse  story for kids and adults alike. The story is driven by a black woman who has vitiligo and is accompanied by a supporting cast that will prove to be just as diverse as the story continues. 

Royce Adkins – The Legend of Althea
Legend of Althea 1
Legend of Althea 2

There are currently 3 issues of Legend of Althea available on Webtoons.com. Make sure to check out the webcomic and show your support!

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