Indie Comics - Nexus Divine Link

Indie Comics – Nexus: Divine Link

We round out Black History Month 2023 with an indie comic…well an indie manga called Nexus: Divine Link by Darian Brewer. You may know him as a voice actor on Tik Tok under the username iamwavez. In the story, 1000 years ago a game called Nexus: Divine Link was used to determine the fate between god and man. The game was never started until the present day for some curious reason…

Indie Comics - Nexus: Divine Link 2

The story basically starts with the protagonist Zinku enjoying a day while being off for summer break and then being confronted by some sort of evil Angel and their commander. One of the things about Divine Nexus I immediately enjoyed is the character art and the relatable language used throughout the first chapter.

Indie Comics - Nexus: Divine Link 3

Blerd asked the creator why this work was important to them:

darian brewer creator nexus divine link

“We work for a better tomorrow”

 “No matter who you are or where you come from you can have a better life if you work towards it!

Darian Brewer – Creator of Nexus: Divine Link
Indie Comics - Nexus: Divine Link 4

I really liked the Divine Link Companion as it reminded me of the introduction of Buzz Buzz from Earthbound or Navi from Ocarina of Time which are two of my favorite games. Zinku controls a celestial named Sana who has a move called Sun Eater. This is how you introduce relatable representation into a Black created manga:

Indie Comics - Nexus: Divine Link 5

Nexus: Divine Link starts out incredibly strong and I was delighted to read the first 24 pages of the manga. I would be curious to see why Zinku was chosen and also why they were attacked in the first place. I am sure that the Wavez will let us know in later issues!

If you want to support this Black creator, please check out them out on Webtoon

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