Indie Comics - Slate & Ashe

Indie Comics – Slate & Ashe

Indie Comics – Slate & Ashe

Indie Comics - Slate & Ashe 2

Slate & Ashe is an indie comic from Black owned independent comic book company Echelon Graphic Novels. Created by Ethan Murphy (a Raleigh, North Carolina native!), Slate & Ashe is about a Black police officer, Marlon Ashe, partnered with an intelligent and pretentious doctor, Vickrum Slate. They are using all they have to fight their way through a strange zombie filled future.

Indie Comics - Slate & Ashe 3
Indie Comics - Slate & Ashe

Slate & Ashe currently has 6 action packed issues out. Going along with building the table, Echelon Graphic Novels recently inked a partnership deal with Platinum Studios (The same studio behind Cowboys & Aliens and Men In Black) for the series. The development deal will help Echelon get their properties into franchises for theatrical release, streaming, and merchandising.

Ethan Murphy - Echelon Graphic Novels

We got a chance to ask Ethan Murphy why working on this project was important to them:

Storytelling has always played a pivotal role in my life. I always knew that I wanted to carry on the tradition. But now, I’m more motivated than ever. People of all colors need to feel represented by what they read, inspired by heroes that genuinely resonate with them and given hope by a voice they can understand

Ethan Murphy – Echelon Graphic Novels

Hearing of Blerd content creators getting more commercial success and exposure is always a plus to the community. Make sure to support Echelon by checking out the comics on their site. If you do, let us know what you think on our social media channels.

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