Indie Comics Tales From Midnight Issue 1 Cover

Indie Comics – Tales From Midnight Issue #1

This month’s indie comic is called “Tales From Midnight” by Midnight Comics. Midnight Comics is a Black-owned indie comic company launched in 2020. The Blerd Team had the pleasure of meeting the founders Lloyd S. Jones III and Natosha F. Jones at Dreamcon 2022. Midnight Comics mission is to create epic, compelling, character-driven stories with a diverse cast leading the way.

Tales From Midnight is an anthology including titles “The Blue Morpho”, “Sol”, “The Grey”, and “Admani” each with their own unique stories and characters.

The first story is The Blue Morpho which is about a group of heroes that are fighting against an organization known as The Crimson Claw. At the beginning of the first issue, The Butterfly (a hero that is dressed as a butterfly, but we don’t know what their powers are yet) is captured and needs to escape. The first issue doesn’t tell you why this is happening yet, but the panels immediately jump to action with The Butterfly’s escape. I enjoyed the black and white art style and the pages almost reminded me more of a manga towards the end.

Indie Comics - Tales From Midnight Issue #1 The Blue Morpho

The second story is titled Sol which is the story of a hero that is somewhere between a man and a god. Sol immediately reminded me of a Superman type of character, but with locs. Two of the powers that became apparent in the first issue are super strength and flight. With a name like Sol, I have to assume that he also has some sort of sun-based abilities as well, but that is for another issue.

Indie Comics - Tales From Midnight Issue #1 Sol

The Grey was probably my favorite out of the anthology. The main character reminded me of a mix of Ironheart and Batman with her creating some sort of energy gloves but making sure they were non-lethal. You do not get much of what is happening story-wise in this issue, but I definitely found the initial premise the most interesting.

Indie Comics Tales From Midnight Issue 1 The Grey

The last story is called Admani and follows a hero that can control fire. The story starts with a team of firefighters trying to extinguish a huge building fire. I can’t tell if Admani caused the fire themselves or just put it out based on the panels. I also wonder how she manages to not burn her clothes off while handling her fire superpowers.

Indie Comics - Tales From Midnight Issue #1 Admani

Tales From Midnight Issue #1 was a great start for Midnight Comics. I especially enjoyed the little touches of representation by Black superheroes throughout the stories, such as the bonnet that Admani was wearing and the various Black hairstyles the characters had which made them feel unique. Blerd asked Midnight Comics why creating this was important to them:

llyod natosha jones midnight comics
Lloyd & Natosha Jones of Midnight Comics

“These projects are important to us we’re able to share our love writing and our stories with others and provide representation for our children and others that we didn’t have growing up, by showing them they can be anything they want to be; From scientists, activists, business owners, etc. we hope to inspire the next generation of blerds through our stories.”

Lloyd Jones – Midnight Comics

Please make sure to check out Midnight comics and support these Black comic book creators. You can find out more on their website at

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