Is Jonathan Majors Innocent? And Why Is Mark Millar Such a #%$@&? (Nerds of Culture)

“Nerds of Culture” podcast hosts The Blerd Without Fear and @LeftFaceTV dive into the controversy that has surrounded Jonathan Majors in the third episode of the show. A recent audio recording and text messages that were sent between Majors and his ex-girlfriend are the primary topics of discussion in this episode, which begins at the one hour and twenty-seven minute point. As a result of Majors’ guilty verdict on charges of third-degree reckless assault and second-degree harassment, he was terminated from his positions at Disney and Marvel Studios.

Is Jonathan Majors Innocent And Why Is Mark Millar Such a @ Nerds of Culture

This debate takes place in the aftermath of his criminal conviction. Majors, who is most known for his role as Kang the Conqueror in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, was subjected to a complicated trial that came to light allegations of psychological and emotional abuse, as well as his defense’s counterclaims that the allegations were false. On February 6th, he is scheduled to be sentenced. This particular edition of the podcast offers a comprehensive overview of the aforementioned developments and the ramifications that they have.

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