Jedi Shadow Force: Mace Windu Breaks from the Jedi Order

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Jedi Shadow Force: Mace Windu Breaks from the Jedi Order

Star Wars has always been a favorite of blerds everywhere, so of course Black nerd fan-fiction of Mace Windu was going to be created. With Moses Ingram starring as Reva aka Third Sister, there has been no better time to be a Black Star Wars fan.

Jedi Shadow Force is a story about the fate of Mace Windu. In the story, Mace Windu and his best friend figured out early that the Jedi Order was not a good long-term plan. This caused them to create their own “Jedi Shadow Force” to protect the galaxy and to do all of the work that the Jedi were too tied up in politics to handle.

We asked Josh Evan’s why this project was important to them:

Octavia Butler once said- of writing, science fiction, and fantasy- that she wrote herself in; that inspires me to daily do the same, especially in Star Wars where one of the most powerful Jedi in history was a Black man. 

Josh Evans – creator of Jedi Shadow Force
Josh Evans – creator of Jedi Shadow Force

Shynn R’uuk is the grandson of Windu’s best friend and through many happenings, in the first season we find out that Mace Windu is in fact still alive. How does this all play out? You will have to check out the story to know!

Jedi Shadow Force comes from blerd Josh Evans who is a poet, writer, teacher and content creator based in Pasadena, California. Jedi Shadow Force is voiced by a group of all POC voice actors and can be found on the Broad Spectrum Nerds YouTube channel.

CEO & Founder // Blerds out about: Video Games, Tech, Anime & Sneakers // He has a B.A. in Sociology with a minor in Social & Economic Justice from the University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill

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